Lilly's Art Shop! LL+INK+CLASSIC TOO! (Splashes, Covers and MORE!)

Hello! It’s Lily here with a new topic! Sooo I can make backgrounds for you! You have to give me your character poses in a photo like this: image
Make sure to give me your background that you want and your title of your story.
(Credit: Credit to @Windy1356 on the Forums!)
Took that photo into this:

2 more this into thats:


Hey please can you make me a Story cover

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Also do you draw the covers

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No I don’t I’m sorry.

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Yes I can!

I’m confused, u said no and then yes

I don’t draw them, but I can make you one. LL or INK?

LimeLight please

Can it please be this character in this pose behind a garbage bin

can you give me an overlay?

Sorry I got stuff on my mind just please I’m sorry just I don’t need a cover right now

and a background ;-;

oh um okay

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Hey! I am not sure if you are doing that but can I get character with bg and I am using it as a splash?

I don’t know how to make an overlay

As someone who makes covers etc for people, you are super rude!

The overlay is so easy to find! Why reply like that if you suddenly changed your mind?

If you couldn’t find an overlay, just say so politely. It’s not her job, she’s doing it because she enjoys it!

@Windy1356 you are super talented :smile:


Yes. Please send me info of your character

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Thanks :grin:

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I’ll try to get to it later today bc I will Be out with my family for a few hours :grin:
I need pose, background, person details, ink or ll, and clothing.

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Ok I am sending these