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Hey guys
So I’m taking requests for episode art (both Drawn and edit) (LL & Ink), mood-boards, splashes, intros&outros and much more (basically anything Drawn)
You just have to fill up the form to request or dm me on ig

Sorry y’all but I’m catching up on requests as of now but I can surely add you into my waitlist :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My examples

Do not copy or steal my art

Drawn art


Drawn art

What are you requesting (eg: cover/ art scene/pfp etc) :
A clear picture of character(s)
**Reference picture ** :
Your ig/forum name :


Character name :
Theme :
Any text to be included :
Muse :
Your ig/forum handle :

Hope this doesn’t flop

Current batch

. @Katherine_thewriter
. @Briella.writes
. @Alexis251

quick update
I broke my nail it’s bleeding and terribly hurts. The doctor says the wound needs to be untouched, I should just apply the ointment if it bleeds again. I started with tre and relles request. I won’t be able to use my right hand till a week and i can’t draw from left :woman_facepalming: y’all can ask me to remove your request or wait for a week more than i could start working on it


do uu have any examples of ur work ? :))

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You can find them on my Instagram highlights and feed

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I got cold sweat when I saw the name of the topic :joy: cuz the username is quite similar to mine


:joy::joy: I noticed it now lmao

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okay, your work looks great ! :heart_eyes: keep up the good work ! but i would recommend putting your examples on the forums so people can see it here instead of having to go on Instagram & search for it :))

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yesssss i immediately thought of uu !! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I’ll keep that in mind thank you

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np !

lol I’m like :astonished: I’m taking requests? Why I don’t know about it? :joy:


I would’ve thought that too :rofl::rofl:

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now this will be the joke of the day for me :joy: thanks for the fun time :wink:

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oml same doe :joy::joy:


I immediately thought of you lol- :rofl:

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do u do ll?


Can you make me an outro? I understand if not though

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I’d love to, it may take some weeks though
Just shoot me the character details and a reference

Could you make me a outro?
If so…
What are you requesting (eg: cover/ art scene/pfp etc) : outro
A clear picture of character(s)
**Reference picture ** :

Something like that but Levi looking over Miracles shoulder while she reads a book.(if you cant do that i understand)
Your ig/forum name : instagram:@tre.episodes
Deadline: whenever you complete it :purple_heart: :grin:

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I’ll try my best with it

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