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Hey, lovelies! :blob_hearts: You guys hiring? :pleading_face:

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I would like @ItsLily to do my request if possible, if not then I can take someone else!
My request is a drawn art scene


A 1 panel art scene for my story so I guess small?
The campus garden background should look well for this. It can be day or night, I don’t have a preference for it.
2 characters:

  • Isla: female, light skin tone, seductive round brow, beach wave hair, platinum blonde hair color, upturned feline eyes, blue eye color, oval face, upturned nose, full round mouth, scarlet mouth color
  • Dominick: male, tan skin tone, thin arch brow, short cropped hair, black hair color, stoic almond eyes, blue eye color, defined triangle face, button nose, uneven mouth, terracotta mouth color, and if you could add eyebrow slits, that would be great!
    If it’s possible, I would really like if Isla, the female character, was on Dominick, the male character’s, back. If that is too difficult, then they can just be hugging and smiling. Either way, I’d enjoy if they were smiling, laughing, goofing around, etc.
    I would like text saying “To be continued” at the top and above it, “Thank you for reading” in a white font

I can’t find any reference pics, so I’m sorry!

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Hi! Sorry but my requests are closed atm!

No sorry hiring is closed :pleading_face:

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Np! :blob_hearts: Mind tagging me, when you re-open hiring? :pleading_face:

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Pass stars

Request: @ItsLily

2 characters


Ring on her hand

No text

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Sorry I don’t do LL :frowning:

heyy @ItsLily do you in draw limelight too? cause if so I’d like to request an art scene

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No sorry i only do ink :woozy_face:

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hi! is this shop still open?

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Yes it is! :3

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I know your requests are closed atm but I was just sending this for when they’re open again if that’s okay <3

request: @ItsLily
Small cover
Character 1 : light, defined natural, diva curls (platinum blonde), upturned feline (black), elven, soft heart, full round (borderoux)
Character 2: olive, defined natural, beach wave (fawn), upturned feline (purple), upturned, soft heart, classic (taupe)

Outfits: (for both)
backup singer skirt and punk look shirt

arms crossed

ext.juvie rooftop - night

If they could be stood back to back too that would be great
No text please and I don’t need anything extra <3