Limb overlay shop (ink female, male and limelight female)


You can request limbs, such as legs, arms, hands, fingers for limelight female (not male) and ink female/male.


Skin color:
Anything else:

Don’t request 49310432940 times please, let others have a chance too.


Okay, so here’s my order:

Style: INK
Skin color: Light & Tan
Description: Something like this
Anything else: I need two of these one for each character.

Please let me know if you can’t do this!


Done it before, what are the genders?


A male. :slight_smile:



Thank you so much! They look fantastic!


I will surely come back soon!


Waiting then!


How do you do it for character customization?


I have a request :wink: -

style: ink
Skin colour: Light, toffee
Description: something like his arm (only male, and the light skin colour without tattoos and the toffee one with tattoos)

Skin colour: toffee, white and olive.
and could make something like this with toffee, white and olive.
male arm: toffee & light
female arm: light and olive

That’s all, and sorry if this is so much to ask for!!


Do you want the second picture with female as well? And in the first picture, does Olive skin have tattoos?


Hello! I don’t know if it’s possible, but can you make a single arm for me that’s bandaged? Or at least just the upper arm (like shoulder area)?

Style; Ink Male
Skin color: Rosewood
Description: Bandaged/wrapped arm
Anything else: The character will be laying down in a hospital bed, so a regular straight arm should be fine. Does that make any sense?


Ok hi I was wondering if can make me a legs overlay
Style: ink
Skin : tan
And the character is gurl


If u can*


Description: smile


I need a bit more details, is the leg slightly arched or completely flat?


Hello :slight_smile:
I just want a pair of dark colored hands with the tattoos from episode platform on his arm doing something like putting both of his hands on his wife’s stomach. I just need the hand overlay doing that :slight_smile: I will definitely give you credit. Thank you!


Of course! I’ll be doing that ASAP!


Will he be wearing any clothing?


Thank you :smiley: