Limb overlay shop (ink female, male and limelight female)

You can request limbs, such as legs, arms, hands, fingers for limelight female (not male) and ink female/male.


Skin color:
Anything else:

Don’t request 49310432940 times please, let others have a chance too.


Okay, so here’s my order:

Style: INK
Skin color: Light & Tan
Description: Something like this
Anything else: I need two of these one for each character.

Please let me know if you can’t do this!

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Done it before, what are the genders?

A male. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! They look fantastic!

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I will surely come back soon!

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Waiting then!

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How do you do it for character customization?

I have a request :wink: -

style: ink
Skin colour: Light, toffee
Description: something like his arm (only male, and the light skin colour without tattoos and the toffee one with tattoos)

Skin colour: toffee, white and olive.
and could make something like this with toffee, white and olive.
male arm: toffee & light
female arm: light and olive

That’s all, and sorry if this is so much to ask for!!

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Do you want the second picture with female as well? And in the first picture, does Olive skin have tattoos?

Hello! I don’t know if it’s possible, but can you make a single arm for me that’s bandaged? Or at least just the upper arm (like shoulder area)?

Style; Ink Male
Skin color: Rosewood
Description: Bandaged/wrapped arm
Anything else: The character will be laying down in a hospital bed, so a regular straight arm should be fine. Does that make any sense?

Ok hi I was wondering if can make me a legs overlay
Style: ink
Skin : tan
And the character is gurl

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If u can*

Description: smile

I need a bit more details, is the leg slightly arched or completely flat?

Hello :slight_smile:
I just want a pair of dark colored hands with the tattoos from episode platform on his arm doing something like putting both of his hands on his wife’s stomach. I just need the hand overlay doing that :slight_smile: I will definitely give you credit. Thank you!

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Of course! I’ll be doing that ASAP!

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Will he be wearing any clothing?

Thank you :smiley:

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