Limb overlay shop (ink female, male and limelight female)

And a pink shirt :slight_smile: The pink v neck shirt

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How’s this?

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Yes I like it:) is there a way we can get his tattoos on his arm? Like the tattoo from the platform?

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Of course! Totally forgot about that :sweat_smile:

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Here you go! :heart:

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Perfect :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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Hey I was wondering if I could request a couple?

These are ink characters I would like two with tan skin and two with taupe skin,
Tan: This girl has her arm around this guys neck, and the second one is her other hand pointing a gun at tthis guys head.(I know it sounds sketchy lol)
Taupe: This guy has hand on her waist and the other hand is pointing a gun at the screen
If you can do it let me know and TYSM!

Sorry, forgot to get the thread closed but the shop is closed :no_mouth:

No it is okay I got anther person doing it thank you tho1

I hope this is still open lol. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Style; INK, Female
Skin color: Light
Description: I would like the left side character’s left arm, including her hand.

Anything else: Don’t think so.

Thank you @TheTurtleTrainer! :wink:


Something like this?

Yes, thank you!! :blush:

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Hello I’m writing a story.
Style: Limelight Female
Skin Color: Neutral 5
Description: I want to make her pull the trigger in this sniper I’ll give you the picture.
and she is rear and she is wearing

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Hi there, thanks for offering to do these kind of things…

Style: Limelight (female)
Skin color: Neutral 02
Description: I’m wondering if there’s any base position for this but… open hand, palm facing up… I have a flashdrive overlay I want to layer on top of it so it looks like my character is looking down at her hand holding the flashdrive. If it doesn’t look perfect it’s fine I know it’s a weird angle for the hand :sweat_smile:

If you can make this for me I would be so happy, thank you!! :slight_smile: <3

style: INK
skin colour: Taupe
Description: I just want a clost fist something like this!
Thank you!


Is it possible to use one of these?

I literally only made an Episode Forums account to request for finger overlays :joy:
I need 4 Limelight finger overlays (I’m hoping that isn’t too much! :persevere: )

Style: LL, Male
Skin Color: Light Blue
Description: The fingers would be shown in the front of a mugshot sign (If you could edit them onto this sign! I’m absolutely horrible at doing so and need all the help I can get!! :joy: )
Anything Else: These fingers are actually supposed to be blue latex gloves so if you could make it look less like fingers and more lie a glove.

Style: LL, Female
Skin Color: Rose 02
Description: Same as above!
Anything Else: These are normal fingers and are not supposed to be gloves :joy:

Style: LL, Male
Skin Color: Gold 03
Description: Same as first one!
Anything Else: Same as above!

Style: LL, Female
Skin Color: Gold 09
Description: Same as first one!
Anything Else: Same as second one!

Hoping this isn’t too much that I am asking for! Take all the time you need! I still have a bunch to write before publishing the first few chapters of my story! Good luck!! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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