Limb overlay shop (ink female, male and limelight female)


Style: LL, Female
Skin Colour: Copper 4
Description: I’d like to have a finger pointing (like scrolling on a phone) for example:
With the left hand instead so it’ll go with the following bg:

Thanks a bunch girl!!

Are you still not doing make for limelight?

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Hey could you please do a leg overlay for me one like this leg

Hello can i get a arm overlay?

is this still open??

Style; Ink
Skin color: Tan
Description: Male, fingers one.
Anything else: Nope

Style; Ink
Skin color: Olive
Description: Femail, from thigh down, knee to a 90 angle
Anything else: Nope

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Hi I just need this overlay from (@episode.uwe)
in the other direction ^^

Style: Limelight
Skin color: Neutral 02
Description: I was wondering if I could have two: one is just one female leg doing the sitting animation, and the other is a female leg slightly bent (to be used when the female character is slightly wrapping her leg around male character while laying down if that helps lol.)
No clothing is necessary! Thank you sm!

Skin color neutral02
Like she is grabbing something

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Style; ink
Skin color: honey
Description: middle finger :wink:
Anything else: nope

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Love this :sparkling_heart::heart_eyes:

caramel; girl
honey; boy (w lady rose tattoo)
tan; girl

i want the middle finger, both left and right
and also one w index, middle & pink fingers are up & the rest are down heh <3

ANDDD also one for the hand where it looks like theyre choking somebody

& lastly, all of em where it looks like theyre holding a gun/grenade/knife but don’t include the weapons :)) x

^all the details apply to all of them !

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could you make me a few overlays (i’d credit you ofcourse,just tell me your insta xx)?
style: ink
skin color: tan
description: could you please make male arms for holding someone hostage with a gun and a ‘‘holding someone’s waist’’ hand (forgot how to call it)? (right hand)
thank you so much!
another question, am I allowed to use some overlays people requested in here?

I need a arm for female
Skin color:light

Hello. I need a light skined male with tattos holding her waist and hugging with one hand on her head and the other on her back. and one female leg over his lap :slight_smile:

I think this shop was closed or is inactive . . .

If you still need one I could help you out


Limb Shop - A shop made only for limb overlays

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Yes thank you :heart:

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I need an ink overlay of a women’s hand pointing upwards in caramel skin tone. Thanks.

Hello! I was wondering if you could make me a female leg overlay?
Style: ink
Skin : tan
I want the knee to be slightly bent, like they are sitting, if that’s possible? :two_hearts: