Limb overlay shop (ink female, male and limelight female)

Nvm don’t need anything anymore

can you do me the same but in LL and in rose 01 skin color for a female and another for a male in gold 01 skin color in LL ?

Hi do you need someone to help you to make these? I would like to help you if there’s too many people asking

Hey, so I want my character to give her love interest a coffee cup with a number on it, therefore I need a limb overlay holding this coffee cup. Can you do this for me? :slight_smile:

Style: LL
Skin Color: Gold 3

Here’s my request:
Style: ink
Skin color: Toffee (Female)
Description: like a had taking sunglasses off kinda like how shane west takes off his glasses in take the control? but i need a female one. so technically just a female hand with glasses in them?
Anything else: nope

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is this still open? If so,
Style; Ink
Skin color: Tan
Description: Peace sign.
Anything else: Just the hand with the peace sign. Not the arm, thanks :slight_smile:

Hello! Here is my request! It’s not very urgent but I’d appreciate if you’d do it :slight_smile::heartbeat:

Style; ink
Skin color: light
Description: her hand is wide open
Anything else: it’s a female hand

Thank you :heartbeat:

Hi, I’m pretty new to this app and i was wondering if you could make me a mouth overlay
Style ~ Ink
Skin colour ~ Terracotta
Description ~ for it to look like a smirk and for the smirk to be a womens

If it’s not possible, it’s ok

Style; INK female
Skin color; light
Description; She’s hugging someone and her legs and arms are wrapped around them, legs and arms both if possible… if that makes sense…
Anything else; I just the arms and the legs and they’re gonna be standing

I need a ink style cut out. I need the following cut out, I have the original picture for you to cut it from bc I figured that make it easier.

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Style: ink female
Color: olive
Description: just the palm facing up
Anything else: just the wrist up please!
And if it’s not too much to ask for another one!
Style: ink female
Color: olive
Description: image


Style: INK
Skin color: chestnut (female)
Description: A thumb kind of like she’s holding a paper

Are you still aviable?

They haven’t been active since April 2019 :sparkles:

Yeah I kinda realiz3 that after I posted that… don’t mind it

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I need a hand on the waist overlay for a female in limelight. Her skin is Neutral 08.
To get a better picture…
Here is what she looks like~

hi i want hold waist hand of limelight
skin color neutral 4
and thank you in advance