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Thank you so much love​:heart::heart::kissing_heart:

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(I borrowed this as an example from @Anastasia11.) I wanted a one like this. Skin color light and with tattoos :blush::hearts:



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actually its ok i figured it out so sorry for waisting your times :frowning:

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That’s alright

@Spade.02 can u do me a handshake limb overlay? Im just checking to see if u can or can’t, first.

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Hmmm I’m not quite sure honestly. If I made it I would need to know how you would use it because I don’t see how it could be used

Hello, can you PM me please as I would love to request a limb… :slight_smile:

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It would be easier if you were to request here may I ask why you would like to request via pm?

So no one can steal the lim…

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I mean alrighty. Just ok me with a filled out request form please.


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Style: Limelight
Gender/sex: Female AND Male
An overlay where the character is putting her arms over he face, like:

This is the character:

And for the boy, can I have him put his arm over someone’s face, as if they were about to kiss like:
But the arm the other way round please.
The character:

Style (Ink, limelight, classic): Limelight
Gender/sex: Girl
What this will be used for: Hugging
How much of the limb (hand, elbow or knee down, whole limb): whole limb
Shirt and bracelets: bare arms
Position of the limb: the hugging will be shown on the back of the other person hugging if that makes sense
Reference picture for the limb position (optional):

The skin tone is Neutral 04

Can you make me a female light hand holding a gun?

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Hi there!! Can I have these exact limbs too in LL male in the skin tone Copper 01? :slight_smile: Wearing that exact same shirt too please!

Style (Ink, limelight, classic): INK
Gender/sex: FEMALE OLIVE
What this will be used for: To touch something
How much of the limb (hand, elbow or knee down, whole limb): hand and arm
Shirt and bracelets: none
Position of the limb: (don’t know exactly how to describe position)
Reference picture for the limb position (optional):

i need this overlay in olive