Limbs overlays?

I’ve been looking for LL limb overlays for the longest time and pretty much gave up :sweat_smile:
Does anyone have a drive with different skin tones? Especially male ones? I’ve been literally looking everywhere. All the drives and art shops that I’ve found are closed…

Otherwise - I swear, I’m gonna open a limb overlay drive of my own :sob:


Hi @Martini_98

@Ryder14 can help make a LL limb for you

Hey :wave: A while back I made a limelight limb drive cause I gave up looking too :joy: Currently it has more male limbs than female. If you’re still looking for limbs I can send a link? I’m only slowly adding to it. If you want anything specific pm me :blush:

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Hi! I am looking for some limb overlays, too! Can u pls dm them to me? My IG is @danwriver ! And is there someone that can make me a few female generic bodies with different skin colors on portal? I am new to editing and my laptop crashes when I try to download the portal. Thanks!

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