Lime Grove // Official Thread

Anyone who is popular is bound to be disliked.

Welcome to Lime Grove, a suburban settlement of the Woodcrest.
Elite and upper-class part of the town with luxurious apartments and mansions is a place where all the prestigious families of Woodcrest live.
Surrounded by a security fence and a security guard, Lime Grove is the safest part of the town for every family with billions in their bank account but with money and fame comes hate.

When political situation in Woodcrest became unstable, the only option was to keep Lime Grove locked. No going in and no going out it.
Only a few are friends but are these friendships real?
What happens when a website is created and everyone has access to post whatever they want. Who’s reputation will be ruined and who is going to stay on top?

This RP is set in Lime Grove, a suburban settlement of the Woodcrest for rich and famous. It is a place with many mansions and luxurious houses.

Important information
Houses in Lime Grove
Places in Lime Grove

  • one café
  • one diner
  • La Rivière restaurant (Tamara’s restaurant)
  • club 14 (Seth’s club)
  • park that ends with a Horse Ranch (Cassidy Stables)
  • market
  • mall
  • hospital

General rules:

  • Blur any swear words or use ‘*’ in them.

  • Write at least three posts for each of your characters a week.

  • Please be respectful and don’t cause any drama outside the rp.

  • Be nice!

  • Always write the name and location of your character at the start of the post. ( exp. Hailey La Morte / Home)

Instagram accounts
Exposing website

Exposing webiste rules:
Above you can find exposing website. Everyone has access to it which means everyone can post whatever they want (you have to sign up to comment on posts, don’t do it with your email but create one right on the spot for example, it doesn’t have to be real email you can edit your account after, and if you want to post something just go to the submit section). Right now you can’t edit it but once everyone settles in I will share this link again and announce that this was created, until then no one knows it exists!

When that happens you can expose whoever you want, but make sure you have a good reason.
You can only do it if the other player shared their secrets with you, not if you read it somewhere! What that means - if you read something in this thread that doesn’t have anything to do with your character, you weren’t involved in the conversation, it means you don’t know about it. Other player had to share it with you.
But if you know a secret about someone and you, let’s say, had a fight, you can tell other characters about it and they can expose it. It is allowed.

How this website works:

  1. You have to sign up using an email that doesn’t have to be real. Once you create your account you can edit your information so you can set up the name of your character.
  1. To expose someone, go to the submit box at the bottom and write a message. In the Name box write no name and in the Email box write

Most important
Have fun!


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It’s 9 am, everyone is at home and the news about Lime grove being locked is spreading.


Hailey La Morte // Home

Hailey slowly opened her eyes, awoken by sunshine somehow making its way through her blinds. She never liked getting up early but this morning was different, as if she could feel something was wrong and she needed to get up.
Putting on her favorite black, silk robe she made her way downstairs sliding her hand down the stair rail like she’s been doing since she was a kid.
It was quieter than usual in the house. Maybe because her parents are still in Italy or maybe she always got up too late to see how quiet the mornings are.

While singing “How long will this last” she made her way to the kitchen, grabbing TV remote and turning on the TV. Hailey never watches TV, she only uses it as a background noise but this time something grabbed her attention. Lime Grove was mentioned.
Running back to the living room and knocking over a glass that was in her way she stopped right in front of the TV looking at it in disbelief.

“Luca!” she screamed from top of her lungs, falling back on the couch and thinking “I can’t believe I’m stuck here.”

Luca La Morte // Home

Hailey’s voice was echoing throughout the whole house.
He didn’t even need to get up as she came storming into his room throwing herself onto his bed.
“Good morning sister dear,” Luca said while putting a pillow over his head as a sign that he doesn’t want to talk right now, “stop screaming and leave my room.”

Groaning loudly as Hailey yanked the pillow, Luca looked her dead in the eyes and asked her “What’s wrong now?”
“We’re stuck here,” Hailey almost whispered as she looked at him still in disbelief “we are stuck in Lime Grove while mom and dad are somewhere in Italy!”
“What do you mean we are stuck here?”, was the only thing he managed to murmur confused by her words. Rubbing his eyes and stretching he shoot her one more look realizing she still had the same, sad expression on her face.
First time, in along time something was serious, he tough to himself so he took a deep breath asking her one more time, “What’s wrong Hailey?”

“Lime Grove is locked up Luca!“, Hailey started panicking, making circles around his room, “It was on the news, something is happening in the city and they decided to lock us up for protection!”
He quickly took his phone hoping one of his best friends sent him a text confirming this crazy thing Hailey just told him, thinking “We can’t be stuck here.”


Kiana Rodriguez || Home

Kiana woke up by feeling 2 heavy things laying in her arms, Champagne and Midnight. Kiana opened her eyes then rolled them, she picked two of her babies and put them down onto the floor where they immediantly woke up. Kiana was still in her lingerie (minus the boa) she put her gold silk gucci robe with a black and purple design on it, over her shoulders. She went down the in-built elevator, since she was too lazy to go down the stairs, with her dogs to the 1st door.

Walking down the stairs the TV was on, probably from last night since Kiana was watching House wives. She got out the dog treats and sat down onto the couch. Before Kiana pressed the up arrow, some alerting news popped up. ‘‘LIME GROVE!? I’M TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE HERE-’’ Despite being in her lingerie, Kiana popped on her Gucci Flip Flops, and got into her Rolls Royce Ghost, and drove all the way to Hailey & Lucas house. And Banged on the door repeatedly, texting Hailey to open up.

Hailey open up I feel like I could Cry! :tired_face::sob:

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Hailey La Morte // Home

Felling her phone start to buzz she didn’t even have to check who it was, she already knew it. Quickly leaving Lucas room and slamming the door behind her she could hear him yelling but that wasn’t important right now.
Opening the front door and seeing Kiana stand right in front of her with almost no clothes on she screamed at her in shock, “What are you wearing?!”.
Realizing she was standing in her way, she moved to the side letting her pass. “Sorry, I’m just…”

Without finishing her sentence she stormed to the kitchen opening the first drawer, looking for a corkscrew to open the new bottle of wine that was placed in the middle of the table. Grabbing two glasses, she poured some wine for her and Kiana, hoping Kiana wouldn’t take it so she could have two glasses just for herself.


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Kiana Rodriguez || Hailey & Luca’s House

‘‘Stop worriying about what I’m wearing, and worry about what the fuck is happening!’’ She said and crossed her arms, slightly annoyed. Kiana nodded at Hailey’s apology, and went in.
She went into the the kitchen, and leaned onto the counter. ‘‘This is total bullshit, I mean… I can’t just be locked in this stupid city!’’ She said and took the wine, sooner or later Midnight & Champagne jumped out the car and ran into the house.

She ran to close the door, and held Midnight’s & Champagne’s leads. Kiana took a huge sip of her drink, and sighed. '‘This is shocking, I may hate my parents. And step-dad, but never seeing them again? That’s a whole ‘nother level.’’ She said and finished her sip, luckily one of Kiana’s cigarette packs was in her pocket with an lighter. She light up her cigeratte and listened to Hailey, then covered herself with her gold robe.

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What if Luca passed by and saw Kiana’s lingerie before she closed it? :smirk:


Naomi & Jonathan Diaz || Home

Naomi woke up with a rather good mood, looking out the window she saw it was a beautiful day outside, and decided to go out for a swim.
She put on one of her bikinis, garbed a robe and headed downstairs to the pool. She flowed around a bit in the water, looking up at the sun and the birds on the trees
Jonathan on the other hand, was still asleep.
After about 20 minutes, Jonathan was waken by a buzz on his phone.
Reluctantly he moved a bit to grab his stupid phone who ruined his amazing sleep.
“Dios mio” he mumbled as looking at the phone “a lockdown?!” He read shocked and immediately got out of his bed and ran into Naomi’s room, as he pushed the door open he realized he might have forgotten to knock, but luckily she wasn’t there.
“Naomi!” He called out as he ran down and found her at the pool, “there’s a lockdown. lime grove. It’s locked. We’re trapped.” He said “What?!” She slightly choked on the water and after she coughed she screamed"A lockdown?!" She asked “Oh boy” she sighed and got out of the pool and put on her robe

Naomi outfit


Jonathan outfit


Hailey La Morte // Home

She looked at Kiana for a moment not knowing what to say.
“I was hoping I was imagining that but thanks for bringing me back to reality.” She rolled her eyes, not annoyed by Kiana but the situation they are in. “Maybe it’s for a day or two? I mean they can’t possibly keep us like this for a while. Right?” She sat on the counter leaning against the wall, taking a sip. It was a question she definitely didn’t want to hear the answer to.

“You are really worried about your parents right now?” ,Hailey chuckled trying to lighten up the mood but realized she probably can’t do that so she chugged the rest of the wine.

Maybe this isn’t bad after all? Something came to her mind but she didn’t dare to say it out loud because maybe, just maybe, Kiana was thinking about that too.

Luca La Morte // Home

Hoping one of his friends came he stayed in his room waiting for someone to come in but soon realized it was probably someone who needed Hailey.
Still thinking Hailey was going insane, he quickly grabbed just some shorts and went downstairs to see what’s going on. Shirtless.

He could hear the voices comings from the kitchen and soon realize who it was. If she was here this early too maybe it meant Hailey was telling the truth. Quietly, he made his way to the kitchen trying to hear what they were talking about but was taken back from the view. Right as he came in Kiana covered herself with her robe.
“You really had to do that right now?” ,Luca leaned against the door frame with a smirk on his face. Realized his hair was probably still messy, he ran his hand through it and came closer to them, “So it’s true?”


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Kiana Rodriguez || Hailey & Luca’s House

‘‘True, they couldn’t possibly lock us in here or the mayor might be arrested or something?’’ She shrugged, and took a puff of her cigarette. ‘‘Maybe because people are trying to smuggle illegal stuff?’’ She added quickly.

‘‘To be honest, no.’’ She said, and took a deep breath. ‘‘Maybe a little bit, only for my father…’’ She murmured, She tucked a strand of her hair back. ‘‘Your wish is my command,’’ Kiana rolled her eyes, and opened her robe for a little, letting Luca analyse her body, then closed it. And just looked at Hailey and tutted, ‘‘What can your brother be more like you… More mature.’’ She sighed, and slightly chuckled. ‘‘And yeah, It’s true.’’ Champagne can running to Luca, and started jumping up at him. ‘‘Don’t give him your infections yeah?’’ She joked, and took a puff of her cigarette and blew it in Luca’s face.



Hailey and Luca // Home

“Maybe my dealer got caught?” Hailey kind off joked thinking about what could’ve possibly gone wrong ignoring Luca completely. Conversation between Kiana and him quickly caught her attention so she stood in between them waving her hands trying to get rid of the smoke. “And maybe both of you could be more mature, this is serious!”

This time Luca completely ignored Hailey, smiling at Kiana. “Thanks for the show and don’t worry about your dog.” He checked her out from head to toe one more time before taking a step back. “Now that I got what I wanted I’ll go somewhere where I’m hopeful more appreciated.” He proceeded to leave the kitchen but turned back to them shrugging and making Hailey roll her eyes again, “and maybe I just don’t believe you two.”
Going back to his room to get dresses he texted Jonathan.

You up?

“Jerk.” ,Hailey murmured under hear breath taking a seat on the first chair she found, “So what do we do now?”

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Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan sighed and followed Naomi into the house. He needed a coffee, asap.
He walked into the kitchen and got himself a coffee as he felt his phone buzz again, it was Luca

I’m up

heard the news?

He answered
Naomi is still approachable



Alaska woke up just as the sun started to appear on the horizon. She stretched and went to go have a shower, once she was done she took out her phone and lay on the balconies in a bathing suit to dry off in the sun. f
As she was scrolling, she found a message saying that she was trapped in lime grove. If course she immediately panicked and raced back inside, running straight into Tamara’s room after knocking. She shook her shoulder frantically and shouted that they were trapped in lime grove.

@Caticorn i think you are Tamara?


Lauren had been up all night working on a spreadsheet for work and had finally come to bed at roughly two in the morning so as you can imagine, she was not a happy duck when her alarm went off at seven. She groaned and rolled out of bed, hitting off before going to grab some breakfast.
Once she had eaten her toast, she put on shorts and a sports cropped tee and went for a run, locking her door behind her.




Seth Andrews || home/La Morte house**
I’d gotten home very late last night. I was exhausted when I got home from the club but that doesn’t mean I was done for the night. I’d had a few friends over since my dad was gone for some business trip in New York. Though he was gone, if I’m being honest, I would’ve had people over for a little after party either way. I made sure all them found their way home this morning before I went to the in home gym. I didn’t need any stragglers wandering the house. As I passed through the kitchen to fill up a bottle of water to take to the gym I saw a sticky note against the stainless steel of the fridge with one of the girl numbers who had spent the night. I threw it away.

I had loud music playing through out the work out room as I did my morning routine. Once finished I headed to get Huntley out of my room and take him for a run. I put a pair of black, Adidas joggers on and a pair of tennis shoes. Hooked Huntley’s leash to him and off we went. As I was passing by Hailey and Luca’s home I noticed a few cars outside the house, one being Kiana’s car. I wondered what they were doing there, especially this early in the morning. I slowed down and walked up to the door. Knocking once before walking in, Huntley staying close to my side since I’ve trained him pretty well.
“what’s going on?” I asked with a little laugh. “someone forgot to invite me to the party.”


Elise Rose || w/ home
I rolled over in my large bed and yawned. I didn’t want to get up for sure. I pulled the comforter up over my head and tried to sleep a little longer but with how light colored my room, or for a matter of fact my whole house and the sun coming in through my balcony I couldn’t fall back asleep. I grabbed my phone from the side table and about lost my jaw as I read my twitter which was going off. lock in? I raised a brow and shook my head. This has to be a joke. I stood up and threw my silver hair into a bun. This had to be a practical joke for sure. I walked into my sisters room, she was already awake and getting ready for the day. “did you see these?” I asked her while holding my phone up to reveal the posts. She read them and shook her head. “I’ll do some investigating.” she said with a laugh and then turned to go into her bathroom. I took that as my que to also leave.

I went to my little room outside my closet which has a table and some chairs that I have turned into my personal youtube recording room. I decided to film a get ready with me today. I left my hair in its natural waves and did my make up. Once completely dressed I did an out-tro for the video and put my camera away. I walked down to the mail floor of my house and started making myself something light for breakfast.


Kiana Rodriguez || Hailey & Luca’s House

‘‘Eh, whatever loser. Just go back to whatever your musty ass was doing.’’ She rolled her eyes, and tightly closed her robe. I’ll go somewhere where I’m hopeful more appreciated…’‘Please do.’’ She said and looked back at Hailey and shrugged. ‘‘He started it.’’ She sarcastically joked then smirked. She peeped in front of the wall to see who came in…

‘‘You haven’t heard? You boys are seriously pathetic when it comes to this type of shit.’’ She said and rolled her eyes then took a big puff and blew at him. ‘‘Lime Grove is locked up, no joke. Like, look at me… I have a modeling shoot in a couple of hours, and I’m still in my robe. Not that I don’t look good in it.’’ She smirked, and winked at him. ‘‘And no, this is a meeting. Not a party, dumbo.’’

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Naomi Diaz || Home
As her brother went to the kitchen, Naomi went up back to her room to shower and try to digest the news that just struck her. A lockdown? She sighed, she felt trapped.
She didn’t like feeling trapped
She turned on playlist on shuffle and went in the shower and washed her body with the hot water flowing, singing along with the lyrics.
When she finished she wrapped herself in a towel robe and went back to her room and sat on her bad with her phone

Heard the news?

She texted elise, and laid back on her bed waiting for a reply


Cassidy Stables// home
As always Cassidy woke up right before her alarm clock ringed. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. She was still tired after the long drive home from her horse race. She turned her alarm off and headed over to the kitchen where she turned on her old radio and then opened the fridge to take out some fresh vegetables for her breakfast.
She quietly sang along to a song while cutting some tomatoes for her salad and then sat down on a kitchen chair. She put her bowl on the table and took out her phone. She sent her parents and her brother a message and looked at the pictures that they sent from Australia when the radio suddenly stopped playing and the melody of the local news channel started. She looked up from her phone and stared at the radio in confusion. She listened to the radio quite frequently and knew that the local channel would never interrupt the music unless they had something really important to announce so she decided to listen to the news. “WE HAVE AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR YOU: LIME GROVE WILL BE TEMPORARILY LOCKED”
“No”, Cassidy whispered, “this can’t be real!”
But just then her phone vibrated and she could see the same message that she heard on the radio only a few seconds ago.
She was terrified.
“What am I supposed to do now?!”


Hailey and Luca // Home

Getting back to his room and putting on a shirt to get out of the house and maybe head to Jonathan’s, he texted him back.

That’s what I was about to ask you…

Can I come over?

While waiting for a reply he threw himself onto the bed thinking about how fucked up this situation actually is. What are they supposed to do now? Just wait for it to end?

It was always funny for Hailey to see Kiana “argue” and this time was no different. She laughed as Luca was leaving and Kiana kept talking. “He deserved it!”

All of a sudden she heard the door open and quickly got up to see who was coming but only found herself face to face with Seth. She didn’t mind that, how could she, but she took a step back realizing
that she still, just like Kiana, had only her robe on. She gave him a soft smile letting Kiana talk but quickly added, “What’s up with everyone coming to my house?” , making it sound like she was annoyed by the fact that he just came.

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Jonathan Diaz || Home

Yeah sure man

Door is open

He replied to his text and finished his coffee.
He went up to his room to have a quick shower and change, and waited for Luca to come over


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Isaac // Home

Unlike most people Isaac is an early bird and loves mornings. Especially summer mornings when he can take a swim in his pool while it’s still not extremely hot. What he loves the most is when he is home alone and this week was his lucky week. Getting up and putting on a swimsuit he headed to his backyard, stopping right in front of the door enjoying the morning sun.

He could feel something was off but he decided to ignore it. Leaving a towel and his phone on the table next to the chair he sat on the edge of the pool thinking whether or not to get in. He doesn’t usually check his phone right when he wakes up but something was drawing him to it and once again he ignored it, getting in the water.