Limelight and Classic Characters Needed!



The eye colours don’t appear on the forms because I like choosing them lol.

Classic Request :slight_smile:
Limelight Request :slight_smile:

Please only fill out once! I can most likely guarantee what story your character is going to be in!


I applied on both forms!


I filled them both :slight_smile:


I applied on both forums


Characters are made!


Characters are made! :slight_smile:


Characters are made!!


Thank you.


Yay! :smiley: Thank you! :hugs:


I forgot to ask. What is the name of your story? :slight_smile:


I have 8 in the works :joy:, but I put your character in my first story!


Cool! :hugs: What is the name of your story? :slight_smile:


Stunning :slight_smile:


Hey, I can’t find your story. Did you not publish your story? :open_mouth:


I’m still working on episode 2, just experiencing with overlays and advanced directing. It should be out by August!


Oh okay! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to read your story :smiley: