[Limelight And Ink] Cover Request

Hello fellow Episode Fan!
Looking for someone to make you a cover for your story?

Note: I may not be able to do every Cover Request that I recieve. I will let you know if you made it onto my to do’s list

If you want me to make you a cover, leave your preferences in comments. ( Limelight & INK available )
[ Available Camera Shots ~ Closeup, Medium ~ subject to change ]

For Example:
[Brief Description of your Story]

Camera Shot: Medium

Character Details:
Body ~ Female Soft Body, Copper 02
Eyebrows ~ Arched Natural Scar, Chestnut Brown
Hair ~ Hair Flipped Wavy Solid, Brunette Brown
Eyes ~ Deepset Almond, Brown Pale
Face ~ Square Defined
Nose ~ Defined Natural
Mouth ~ Small Heart, Peach Gloss

Any other details you might want, we can discuss.

Stipulations (requirements)
You MUST read the first chapter of my story, The Vampire Twins as payment.

Now, here are a few of my works:

The Vampire Twins @Vicki.epi

Vigilante Meets Assassin

Limelight Previews @Vicki.epi




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