Limelight and Ink Help please

Hi everyone, I am such a noob so will someone help. Could someone tell me the difference between limelight and Ink? And which one is your favourite?



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I filled it out! :slight_smile:

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limelight is much more popular- all of the newer featured stories on episode’s home page are in limelight. people mostly like it since it’s the newest style, the character’s are drawn the most realistic out of the other 2 styles they have to offer, and they get updates for new character features and clothing!!

despite all that- i’m still writing my first story in ink :)) but its up to you ofc!! i dunno what the rules are, but if your considering entering the R&R writers contest, then it might require you to write in Limelight- but tbh i dunno .

if your interested!!

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Since you are new and if you want to start writing your first story, I suggest starting out with ink first. In my opinion, ink is much simpler to create stories with. There are limited animations and limited ways to create your character which makes it easier. When I first started writing I used limelight and I was SO overwhelmed by all the clothing items and 3 different animations for the same pose yet slightly different.

We all have different opinions, please don’t be offended by mine :relaxed:


Thank you so much!

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Thank you too!

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