Limelight Animations Are Horrible

Limelight characters are so beautiful, but writing a story with them is so hard. The animations are so bad that I want to cry. They literally show no emotion and it’s too bland. For example, the crying animation looks so fake. I would have to say that ink beats limelight animation wise.

What do you think about it?

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Tbh, I don’t really care if the animations are horrible. Animations in different styles are pretty cool, and some do show emotions and maybe some don’t but it’s just the way it is.


Completely sure the animations are stiffer, but consider the fact that Ink is more cartoony than Limelight, it would probably be more cringy to have Limelight bursting out laughing like Ink. Where to me in Ink it seems more energetic. This is no way an excuse though. They could make animations more…free…loose? But that would mean more time.


Ink animations are more “expressive” because they’re exaggerated. They could do that because Ink characters are cartoony like @GoldenWaves said. Limelight animations are less expressive because they’re very under-toned, since the characters are more realistic. I do agree that many earlier animations (the first they released) could be better but I do feel like they’re getting much better at getting them right.


I honestly don’t think LL and INK could be compared, since LL is more of a realistic style while INK is more of a cartoony kinda style.
These kinda expressions fit INK better because it looks better in cartoony style. It’s also a personal preference, someone may find them stiff while someone may find them more realistic. Personally I like both INK and LL on its own way, and I have no problem with LL animations.


I personally feel like what @GoldenWaves, @sofia2, and @cece_hunter said really sums up the truth. The animations are stiffer, yes, because they are supposed to be. They are supposed to model what they look like in real life.


I hated those and I really found them horrible :sweat_smile: But now they look completely fine. I still prefer INK animations, but LL animations have improved a lot, even in my eyes.


I agree!

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I really like LL animations

INK animations are really exaggerated, I wouldn’t call them “emotional”, they’re incapable of mimicking the subtly of human emotion. Which is fine because INK is a very cartoon style so exaggerated animations work. Limelight, in my opinion, has more potential when it comes to subtle facial/body changes utilized to portray emotions more realistically, the developers just haven’t gotten there yet. I think what we have now is stuck between that possibility and mimicking the exaggerated motions of INK animations. Limelight has been out for awhile now and it seems like they’re updating and tweaking things everyday, working hard to push for that fully realized vision, I think it will come gradually and with a lot of inconvenient bugs and functions that don’t work out and constant changes but that’s tech and we’ll get there eventually.

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i denitely love limelight