Limelight animations keep stopping

Not sure what it is, but whenever I have an animation that keeps going in the animation preview, it stops when I use it in the script. It’ll go, then it’ll freeze for some reason. I’m using limelight.

Sure, I’ll add my script. Also, there is no error in my story and I tried reloading it a few times.

In this one I wanted my actor to be talking in the car, but it stops after about a second.

Here, I wanted my actor to be eating pizza while the narrator was talking, but she also stops after a second.

These are not loop animations so they’ll stop eventually, you can always use THEN in one line a few times

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Oh, thank you :slight_smile:

In the animation preview, animations are are always looping, but check if the word “loop” appears at the end of the animation’s name. If it does, it will be the same as in the preview. If not, then it’s not looping and you could already know the animation will stop after once. :slightly_smiling_face: (btw doesn’t work very well with Ink, but if you’re using LL that can help you)