Limelight Animations Part 2!


Hey Episodians,

Just in time for the new contest, we’re here with another batch of new animations! This time we’re here with some sing and dance animations! Here’s a list of the animations:


As always, please let us know if you run into any issues.


The Episode Team

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I’m sure these will be useful :heart:




LUV IT!!! Use it soon


Thank you!


Sooo love it:heart_eyes:


I don’t see sing_ballad_subtle_serious_loop in the behaviors section yet.



i love this one :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I didn’t find this animation: sing_dance_energetic_loop


YES YES YES YES YESSSS!!! finallyyy!!


Ha ha I love these!! Thank you for the new release.

A note, these two animations don’t appear to be available yet (although maybe it’s just me):



maybe sing_dance_energetic_loop is sing_energetic_loop? idk if they’re different because I don’t know how “sing_dance_energetic_loop” looks like, heh.

have to agree on the ballad singing animation, it doesn’t work for me either rn


Yes this is what I need for my story


Are we going to get a microphone prop?


There are 2 hidden microphone props for Limelight.

Microphone Black
Microphone White

Both work with no errors :+1:


Now would be the best time to add guitar prop :ok_hand:


These looks amazing! @The_Kendalhawk - we have to use these in our upcoming story. :smiley:


Thats what I was wondering


Thank you :revolving_hearts:
Love all this new sing and dance animations you’re coming up with.
My head’ss already spinning with ideas of how to use them. Not so much for their original purpose though…
To bad they’re not for INK as well.



I just tried them all out and I love them so much.


I can’t find sing_dance_clap_happy_loop and sing_fail_embarrassed for the males