Limelight arm overlays - help!

I don’t know how to make an overlay, nor do I think I could create one… But if you know a place where I can find one, or can make me one that’d be AH-MAY-ZING :slight_smile: thanks!

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This app called Bizzart is a good one to use.

I can make you one if you want me to


So, do you want me to make one for you??

I know how to make them but thanks.

No, I was talking to @LexiLu
Sorry for the confusion…

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If you could make it for me that’d be great :slight_smile: A male arm in the shade tan neutral and female arm in shade beige rose

How much arm do you need A full one or half as cut from the joint ones…

I’d say elbow to fingers so if the characters were hugging or facing each other.

And exactly in which pose so it will be easy for you to place it without any rotating stuff

I’m not sure what you mean… but this may or may not help - I would like to use the overlay to caress someone’s face / hold the back of their head

I will just make a steady arm overlay and you can use it however you like how about it??

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@episode.uwe on instagram has a bunch of limb overlays.

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I wish you have shown sooner @Dara.Amarie you literally are a life saver…
Its just as @Dara.Amarie says go over there and you will find some that you need??
And if not then please let me know via PM me

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@episode.uwe doesn’t have Limelight arms, but the arm type I was talking about it arm hold if you go on her and look under INK arms

Okay let me go check okay!!

My laptop isn’t opening it can you send me it…
If you don’t mind

Sorry I got caught in another request…
Okay let me see…

Okay so you want something like this
So, let me ask something as I’m not familiar with limelight animation can you tell me a rear animation of limelight…