Limelight Art Cover

Hey everyone :hugs:

I’m in need of a cover for my new story, ANTM - America’s Next Top Model and I’ve asked artists on Instagram but all of them want commissions which I don’t have the money for so I’ve had no luck.

BUT if you’re willing to make one OR you know a shop who can do it for free and are open then I’d be so thankful for your help :blush:

Let me know so I can tell the details :kissing_heart:

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heyy you can request in one shop or another
they’re free and the first one is quite new :wink:
:black_heart: Episode Blacklight Shop :black_heart: (open)
Calista Hwang and Invisible Waffle’s Art Shop! [OPENED]


Thank you for the suggestion :relaxed:

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no prob! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What style is the story in?

I can do it you can check out my examples at: Cloudy Skys Art Shop! Open☁️☁️☁️

I can do it! I do both drawn and edited for FREE! XD

I may be able to do it :yellow_heart: Here’s some of the things I’ve done, feel free to message me if questions

you can ask at my art shop : :gem: StxrStruck Art :gem: ~ OPEN

I do photo covers and edited covers!

pm me if you want more details