Limelight Art Giveaway

Hello guys
I was very bored and decided to do a giveaway for all of you


  1. Follow me on Instagram Celia_epiwrites (I will check)
  2. Fill in the details properly as These can affect your art

That’s it for the rules

1st prize- A detailed full-body outline with ink
2nd prize- A detailed full-body outline (No ink)
3rd prize- A detailed outline of your character (till the chest)

This is not a first come first served Giveaway

After You fill the form, send me a dm of your Character (Whole body) as well as in the forms

You are only allowed to fill the forms if you are 13+ and if you’re not please leave

Please don’t rush me as I’m human too

Click here to access the forms

Do note that you have a bigger chance of winning if I ever met you
(This is not necessary but you can always reach out to me cause I’m very friendly and love making friends)