[Limelight] Art Release: Ta-da! A few more costume pieces and some more outfit basics!

thank you so much for choosing me as a model!! :pleading_face::heartpulse:
love it!! it’s so cutee!! :weary::heartbeat::heartbeat:

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so prettyyyy!! 🤌🏻 :weary::heartpulse:

so prettyyyy!! :pleading_face::sob::heartpulse:

Precioso, que brocha usas para que quede así como por partes luz y otra sombra?

Ofc. It’s my pleasure, Steph​:two_hearts::two_hearts::kissing_heart:

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Thank you!! :relaxed::black_heart:

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I feel like there was a nicer way to provide constructive criticism. This sounds very belittling. I understand you want the creator who made this to be aware, but I feel like there should have been a nicer way to try to convey this. I’m assuming the person who made the edit didn’t know.


Thank you :heart::heart::heart:

Ofcourse and thank u Queen :heart::crown:

Thanks for the catch! I missed them when collecting everything releasing yesterday! Sorry about that :slightly_frowning_face: :pleading_face:


I live in an islamic country and lots of women dress up like this : \


you’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I appreciate your concern for the Muslims, although it’s true that some don’t wear those, it’s not always the case.
Female Muslims wear outfits that are deemed appropriate inside an administrative building, which means clothing that covers the trunk entirely, no sleeveless tops, no shorts or skirts above knee length, and of course, the Hijab. Palms and ankles exposed are fine. Tightly fitted clothing, as long as it’s opaque, is also allowed. Long story short, business outfits are fine,
They can also choose to cover their entire body, leaving no skin exposed (including the face, except the eyes) however that decision is made only by the individual.

I’m not sure about the other countries, but for my home country (Malaysia), Female Muslims do tend to wear loosely fitted clothing and covers most of their skin, it could be long-sleeved tops and long pants, or a long dress that reaches ankle length. They don’t cover their face except for a Hijab.



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I love it!

Can you let me know when you do? :two_hearts:

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Loving the trench coat :heart_eyes:

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I’ve done the first and 3rd ones that she’s posted and the campsite tent night version are all in my drive (link when you click my pfp) or search Cole’s Overlay Drive in the Art Resources (there’s a whole list of ones done and the folders are labeled with the bg names given by episode so you’ll be able to find what you need.

I just saw it today in the writer’s portal, I thought it was always there :joy: Such good bg’s though!


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: true it good background for spooky halloween and camping too