Limelight art scene needed :)

Hey! I’m looking for someone who could make some art scenes/scene for my limelight story.
Is there anyone who could help me with this? :slight_smile: I would be very grateful to you and i will definitely give you credits! :blush:

Hello!! Does this scene need to be drawn or can It be an edit? I can’t draw, so I hope it’s an edit lmao

Hey Gracie! I would prefer it to be drawn though, can i maybe see some of your edits?

Of course. It may take a couple hours, because I have all of my edits saved on my cell phone, and it’s dead. As soon as I can send them through I will. If you need it faster please check out @LittleMissy 's art shoppe called The Little Art Shoppe :heartpulse:

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Ok, that would be lovely! :slight_smile:

I made a random scene just so you can get a taste, but here is something :slight_smile:

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That’s really nice! Do you make them with custom poses too?

What do you have in mind?

Something like one of these?

thoose scenes are called drawn, edits is copying and pasting the characters. If you need it drawn You’ll need to ask someone else. :-; sorry,

Yeah, okay, but how many characters you can usually edit on the same cover? :slight_smile:

depending if it is a large cover or small cover, 4-8. It all depends on size. As in for art scenes to be used in a story I would say roughly 2-6

Ok, i would want maybe 6 characters on it.

give the character details background info, outfits, and any animations. Is this an art scene or, cover? I can do both if you would like :slight_smile:

Alrighty, i will. But what is the difference between the art scene and cover exactly?

An art scene, will be used in a story, as like a background. A cover will NOT be used in the physical story, but will be on the outside, like the cover of a book. There are two covers to every story a large cover and a small cover. I can do on of thoose or all three. Its totally up to you.

An example of a large cover

And a small cover

Do you have any examples of art scenes that are in the story?

I will look :slight_smile: may take a few

I will be here. :slight_smile: