Limelight art scene needed :)

Hey @Krystyn-Kylie I finished the small cover for you. For the first one I used the animation you choose, but I also did one with the animation I though would look better. feel free to use whatever one you like better :wink:

Your pose

My pose

I will get the art scene to you asap.

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Thank you! And you know what, the pose that you chose does look better, so let’s go with that one! :slight_smile:

Okay!! I’m starting on your art scene soon, I should eat dinner first :wink: :blush:

Yay! :star_struck: of course! As i said no need to rush! :slight_smile:

Alrighty :slight_smile:


do you want your title on your art scene?

Hmm, i don’t think so, let me see the scene first and then we’ll see :slight_smile:

Alrighty :slight_smile:

This is it :slight_smile:

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It looks amazing… Honestly… But i’m just thinking should Felix’s pose stay as the kiss one or the primp one… :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you like to see the primp pose?


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Hmm, what do you think about it, should it be either this or the other one, or something else…? =)

It depends on what the scene if for. Is for a romantic scene or a fun one?

More like a romantic.

then I would choose the top one It seems more romantic

Ok, yeah :slight_smile: But thanks a lot! I will give credits in the story. Do you have an instagram account?

I do not. You can say Something like, Credit for the Art Scene and Covers, is @S_Gracie in the forums!