Limelight Art Shops?

Is there any Art shops open that do Limelight? All the ones i see are for INK. and others are now closed. Credit will be given in my story. I’m in need of a Cover and some scenes. But I’m happy for whatever that can be done.

I have one but I also have a lot of rules

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I just read your rules and that is fine by me. Give me a few and I will send you all the information

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Epi Lair Art Shop :maple_leaf: [OPEN]
Check that out!

Hey I looked and I think most of everyone who does Limelight is full. Is it out of date?

hey I have two different art shops! If you’re looking for a splash, character sheet, Custom pose, or you need me to edit something on a cover you can request here at Alanna’s Edit and Splash Shop.
If you want me to make a cover for you, you can request here at Alanna’s cover shop.

I do both ink and Limelight!

I‘m not full!

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