[Limelight] Back to Basics


Hey everyone,

This week we’ve got some new clothes for your characters! We are in the process of releasing them atm and will update again when they are out. Here’s the full list:

Limelight Male
Muscle Tank Cotton Green Forest
Muscle Tank Cotton Grey Black
Muscle Tank Cotton Grey White
Muscle Tank Cotton Red Auburn
Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Blue Turquoise
Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Grey Black
Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Grey White
Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Neutral Grey Lt Warm

Limelight Female
Twist Top Tank Cotton Blue Aqua
Twist Top Tank Cotton Green Forest
Twist Top Tank Cotton Grey Light
Twist Top Tank Cotton Pink Salmon
Underwear Cotton Black
Underwear Cotton Charcoal
Underwear Cotton Red
Underwear Cotton White

As always, please let us know if you have any issues with these items. We will update this post once the items have all been released.

With love,

The Episode Team

UPDATE All the new assets should be out! Please let us know if thats not the case.


Looks cool!! :ok_hand:t3:


Wow, these sound amazing, thank you, you rock! :heart:


awesome. thanks! :sunglasses:


We have heard your requests about wanting more hairs and also lip colors for darker skinned characters - we are working on a release that we hope to have out in the first part of 2019.

Quote from you.

We want what we were promised.



Well, I certainly appreciate the new underwear.


#Summer Look :sunglasses::raised_hands:t3:


Thanks! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


These are fantastic, thank you!


it’s still being released


they are releasing the others. it will take a while for it to load.


Thank you so much for these releases. But please give us more yellow outfits! :heart: There’s barely any yellow in the LL wardrobe and I really need lots of yellow stuff for my story :frowning:


Finally more underwears!


Would be amazingly helpful if we could gain access to some proper Ink underwear sometime. Just saying.


lookin good,


I think you are trying to ask about the status of the lip colors and hairs - the answer is that they are being worked on, but they are still making their way through the production pipeline. I know you and many others want them and we will get them to you as soon as they are ready!




hm…hot or not.


Check out this:


We’ve talked about the future Ink on another thread on our forums! We aren’t able to keep updating Ink so there won’t be any underwear in its future. You can read all about it here: