[Limelight] Back to Basics


I resonate hard with this. This and ROLLED UP JEANS AND SLEEVES

I hope crop tops go out of style QUICK lol


Yeah! And all the jeans are so skinny and tight fitted! We need baggy clothes. Like rolled up loose jeans or just loose jeans period.


Rolled up sleeves are annoying. Maybe some more long sleeves or short sleeves that actually look good.


nah when i said we should it leave it now lol


Heard ^^’ I just wanted to try to shed some light maybe? Anyways, my bad <3 <3


I don’t want to sound annoying, but I really wish they give us the new hairstyles soon.


Episode: Updates

Specific individuals: Complains and or rants about the things Episode hasn’t released

I agree with some things said here but honestly updates are hectic. Sadly, telling the art team to update won’t make them work faster.


You didn’t have to bring it up again but go off. :relieved::coffee:


I didn’t have to no, it was just my say in this. :woman_shrugging:


Speak! :speaking_head:


This is 100% the truth :raised_hands: someone put this on a billboard


Being grateful is a thing :grin:





Hi all! This thread is clearly not about diversity. Please get back / stay on topic or post your diversity concerns in the threads that you already referred to in this thread while being off topic. Thanks! :peace_symbol:



Same. These underwear are amazing. :hugs::heart_eyes:



Please refer to the rules above that have been broken in this thread even after warnings. Temp closing.