[Limelight] Back to Basics


Cute! Kinda wish they had the twist shirt in white.


These are really cute too.


Yeeeesss! New draws!


Yay! Non-lacy underwear! I’d like to see kind of… normal underwear, though. As in, bras that don’t show cleavage? Sports bras?


I’d love to see sports bras! As an exclusive sports bra wearer, though, I was always in the underwear minority among my friends, so I see why these would come first. :sweat_smile: And there’s nothing abnormal about having breasts that require a somewhat more supportive undergarment.


For me this is enough sport’s bra :joy: Since I don’t like them and don’t wear them :smiley:


A release that they hope to have out the first part of 2019. That doesn’t mean the first week or the first release or the first month. Chill out.


Lol she does realize first part means the first thing right? So it would have been the first update.


Yeah. I was expecting to get the update the first of the year considering they had PLENTY of time off


“Not the first month,” Sis, they said first part of 2019, meaning January. That’s when they said they’ll continue art releases too. How did you possibly not comprehend that through your head?


Why not the hair from Instant Princess?


Just because they had plenty time off doesn’t mean they were possibly working during that time period they were off. Please be patient. I’ve seen too many people expect things and get mad because it hasn’t happened yet. It’s a new year people stop complaining and calm down for once this whole time. It’s starting to get aggravating now. Either be respectful to each other or don’t say anything at all. You can state your opinion on the matter without being rude to others on the forums. Patients is always best in this situation.


No offense, but us INK fans have been waiting for assets that have already been created since 2017. What explanation can you provide in the name of the Episode Team in this case?


Look I like ink as much as any of you but that does not mean to be rude to people. They moved on to a new style at this point. I stated you can have opinions on the matter but being disrespectful about it does not fly well with others. They are a company like any other that creates art. They have schedules and they add what they can as bonus from the request of the forums. I wish they had done more with ink but from what they have been saying that is not happening. I just want people to act proffessional not irrational. You get nothing if come at people with attitudes. You should at calm and respectful to everyone.


I get where you are coming from but we are not obligated to like how Episode is treating us with the constant ignoring AND to like the updates either. We have opinions, we have wants. It’s unfair. We have waited so long for diversity and representation, especially with requests. We have also waited about more than a year for the Ink stuff to release? I’m not saying some of us should be disrespectful but not all of us are. We are giving them constructive criticism and giving our opinions. We don’t have to like everything they do and what they are doing isn’t really good at all. I appreciate what they are trying to do but sadly, they are failing and it isn’t cutting it.


You are missing the point entirely.

I cannot speak for everyone here, but if there is one thing that * I * (like many other people writing their opinions here) am not is disrespectful. I understand, leading Episode must not be easy. It takes time, money, thinking, etc…
But INK was “discontinued”. We were promised hidden assets, assets that were ALREADY created… IN 2017! We got nothing. You are telling me it is not going to happen, but who are you? A member of the Episode Team has to tell me this, not you.

They discontinued INK to improve Limelight. Fine, that is how this business works. Yet Limelight has been out for, I do not know, almost 2 years, and their fans are STILL waiting for lipstick colours to match certain skintones for the purpose of something as simple as diversity.

Nearly no one is happy. Episode is not being honest with us. They are “always working on it”, and it does not show. They are not managing their updates, THEIR STYLES, the right way, and there is no excuse because they never bother to give us one.

I rest my case. If you want to keep talking, DM me because we will (I WILL) get flagged for this.


I understand that to but in the long run disrespect won’t help anyone. Especially since there are younger age group on the forums. Acting out like this is not setting a good example for them. People came here to see updates. Not to see people bashing the Art team or other forum members. This forum base is not just made up of adults and those adults need to remember that.


My point was never about ink or limlight it. It was the way people are going on about it. That is all.


I literally just said no one was disrespecting and I see no one bashing. Just because we decide to address Episodes false promises doesn’t mean you have to say those things to us for it. I’m just sayin, we have opinions and wants. We have waited and we are now addressing it. I’m sorry if you can’t take it.


People stay insulting us for our opinions and addressing our requests that were never taken into action like Jeez…