[Limelight] Back to Basics


No one is being disrespectful. We are merely complaining, and as both consumers and producers, we have the right to do just that.


I never said you personally or any of the ink group was just the people who have been getting the threads shut down. Now if you want to continue this please dm me, like Annorah said and sorry I forgot to dm you my other comment. I can take the drama but sometimes there is no point for it. One go a few comments up before mine and please let me know if you think that persons comment was not disrespectful or not. Everyone can state their opinion.


Let’s try not to get off-topic here, before our comments get taken the wrong way.


Thank you and sorry for the drama.


I get that it’s not your fault at all but…this has been said for two years. There is absolutely no reason why we should believe this statement now


But on a very positive note WOOP WOOP WOOP! Ya’ll finally gave us more underwear!!! THANK YOU!!!


Girl, preach. :raised_hands:




Looking good :heart_eyes: all my MC need now is a cute curly hairstyle and lips that are matching her skin color better :slight_smile: thanks you episode


They look so cool. I can’t wait for more outfits for the gothic section!

We need more hairstyles for both genders too!


That would be nice.


Definitely. It would be cool to see dresses like these:






Ooo–The last pic looks really cute. :heart_eyes:


I know right. I’m tempted to buy one of these dresses lol. I need to upgrade my wardrobe!

But anyway, there definitely need to be more clothing options for sure.


Guess the new stuff is okay–


Can I just point out something!

Early 2019? It’s literally only been three weeks into the year. Early 2019 can go up to March as far as I’m concerned. be patient.


But they said on their Instagram story new animations and facial features take months to make so you would only get a few each year at best. They have kept their promise x


Kept their promises? Not to the lip colors. It’s literally lip colors fam. How is different colors for lips gonna take months? It’s not that advanced. Making lips and lip colors are two different things. It’s just colors.


right months, not years…that obviously means when they made those promises in 2017 they were false.


And I mean–If they can make about 40 lip colors to suit white skin tones then they can surely do the same for darker skin tones. Period.