[Limelight] Back to Basics


I know right. I’m tempted to buy one of these dresses lol. I need to upgrade my wardrobe!

But anyway, there definitely need to be more clothing options for sure.


Guess the new stuff is okay–


Can I just point out something!

Early 2019? It’s literally only been three weeks into the year. Early 2019 can go up to March as far as I’m concerned. be patient.


But they said on their Instagram story new animations and facial features take months to make so you would only get a few each year at best. They have kept their promise x


Kept their promises? Not to the lip colors. It’s literally lip colors fam. How is different colors for lips gonna take months? It’s not that advanced. Making lips and lip colors are two different things. It’s just colors.


right months, not years…that obviously means when they made those promises in 2017 they were false.


And I mean–If they can make about 40 lip colors to suit white skin tones then they can surely do the same for darker skin tones. Period.


But you have to understand that things take time to perfect. Do you want a half-arsed lip colour or a one that you will be proud to put on your character. Obviously you have the right to be angry but saying that episode is breaking their promises is very disrespectful.

How do you think that makes the team feel?


3 to 6 months for an Asset.
That means only about 4 a year if we are lucky.

We have been given many new facial features and animations. Think about how long the beards took! I think you guys need to look at the bigger picture.


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If you think they are incredibly easy to implement, care to share how the process works?


And they don’t all suit the lighter (not all white) skin tones. Some of them look hideous tbh.


What? The lip colors or the delete button? And I’m not saying it’s easy but it definitely isn’t super hard to do. They can make clothing and many other things like scars in a few months. I really doubt lip colors is so hard to do.


They have to make loads of new colours on lots of sets of lips plus include Matte and gloss versions and that takes time and energy. They will get to it when they get to it.


They said they would weeks ago. Don’t start with that. I ain’t being pushed to the side continuously.


I’m not pushing you to the side. Just because an episode team member doesn’t reply to your comment, doesn’t mean they think your opinion is invalid.


They have ignored us for a very long time. It’s not one member, it’s all of them. Because THEY are a team. That team should take consideration to requests.


But look at at the things that they have made for people who aren’t of color. The problem is that we feel left out because we’re afterthoughts to them. And it’s not just POC who are at a disadvantage here…all writers are at a disadvantage.
Look at all of the hairstyles made for people with straighter hair but barely any made for people who don’t have that texture?(most people don’t)


They have given us many options to represent race and while they are lacking in areas for all races, Limelight is a new style so just be patient.


But it’s not just a POC thing. What sort of items are you lacking? I understand a few lip colours and hair textures but what else?