[Limelight] Back to School


Lol, I love how you give females like 1000 of items. And then you give the males 1 item :joy:


It’s because only girls get to go back to school. All the males in Episode stories are bad boys who skip school to smoke cigarettes and steal cars and do who-knows-what else.


Sad but true :joy::joy::joy:


Hi , @Jesse I saw new hairstyles in the new story Love Life and I was wondering if you’ll introduce them into episode writer portal because they are soooo cute. Anyway keep going with the stories because you do an amazing job.


Jesse isn’t the one who is in charge of writing stories and designing clothing at Episode. Those hairstyles and new features will be released when Episode is done testing them. Jesse is the one who releases the clothes out to the public. Also, note that the clothing in Love Life that costed gems will not be available for our use, only the ones other characters wore.

anyways, have a good day.


They’ll eventually be released but it’s still likely too soon to release them since Love Life just recently came out. We’ll definitely keep everyone’s interest in them in mind but for now I would say that we won’t be seeing them until later.


Nah they can’t smoke, no cigarettes are included in limelight :joy:


Well, drinking, then.


OMG this is so beautiful :heart_eyes:


Thank you