Limelight ballroom spot template

Hi!! So after everybody helping me out, I decided that I will help you!!! I have written a code for spotting 11 people for my story, and I wanted to share it!!! Here it is, if you would like to use it, feel free!! :arrow_heading_down:

music music_nyjazz_lp
@add Champagne Flute Filled to FEMALE2
@add Champagne Flute Filled to MALE3
&FEMALE1 spot 1.010 69 173 in zone 1 AND FEMALE1 faces left AND FEMALE1 is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear
&MALE1 spot 1.082 68 167 in zone 1 AND MALE1 faces left AND MALE1 is dance_slow_neutral_loop
&FEMALE2 spot 1.091 59 5 in zone 1 AND FEMALE2 faces right AND FEMALE2 is talk_cup_neutral_loop
&MALE3 spot 1.217 221 -54 in zone 1 AND MALE3 faces left AND MALE3 is sip_stemware_happy
&MALE2 spot 1.136 106 140 in zone 2 AND MALE2 faces right AND MALE2 is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear
&FEMALE3 spot 0.965 81 183 in zone 2 AND FEMALE3 faces right AND FEMALE3 is talk_dance_slow_neutral_loop
&FEMALE6 spot 1.244 184 25 in zone 2 AND FEMALE6 faces left AND FEMALE6 is dance_slow_neutral_loop
&MALE7 spot 1.379 162 5 in zone 2 AND MALE7 faces left AND MALE7 is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear
&FEMALE5 spot 1.375 205 -103 in zone 3 and FEMALE5 faces right AND FEMALE5 is dance_frame_neutral_loop 
&MALE6 spot 1.478 191 -116 in zone 3 AND MALE6 faces right AND MALE6 is dance_frame_loop_rear
&FEMALE4 spot 0.826 135 294 in zone 3 AND FEMALE4 faces left AND FEMALE4 is dance_slow_neutral_loop 
&MALE4 spot 0.855 124 298 in zone 3 AND MALE4 faces left AND MALE4 is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear
&FEMALE1 moves to layer 1
&MALE1 moves to layer 0
&FEMALE2 moves to layer 2
&MALE3 moves to layer 3
&FEMALE3 moves to layer 4
&MALE2 moves to layer 5
&FEMALE6 moves to layer 6
&MALE7 moves to layer 7
&FEMALE5 moves to layer 10
&MALE6 moves to layer 11
&FEMALE4 moves to layer 8
&MALE4 moves to layer 9
@pan to zone 3 in 10
readerMessage Credit to @indigo_episode for the template! <3

I was looking all over for this, thank you very much! @J_B

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Thanks I needed this so much.

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