[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


asks for more diversity

releases clothing that 95% of us won’t use







Didn’t yall say this last year?:joy::joy::joy:


Damn, the shade! :sob:


I’m pretty sure they did in the diversity thread. I wanna see how this will go. :woozy_face::face_with_monocle:


I wonder if they’re trolling us now. :thinking:


Episode 2017 - puts up diversity thread
Episide 2018 - ignores diversity requests


Honestly I would be very very very very surprised if they actually did release more ethnic hairstyles at the beginning of 2019 as they’re saying. Because I really don’t expect them to. It’s just SO messed up that we (and i mean all of us) have to wait so long for these styles and not others…because as I keep saying, people with a bit more melanin in their skin are always afterthoughts to them, but lets see what happens! :grin::roll_eyes:


Also Episode: releases featured story with diversity but full of stereotypes and misrepresentation


:joy: I felt this.




Do they come out with new features every Thursday? Wow, didn’t know. :heart:


Yeah, they update every Thursday


So no updates this week?


No, they said they’re resuming releases in mid-January


oh dang…that sucks😥




Sigh I’m just done.


exactly what I was thinking:/