[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


Same here sis.




Right there is no excuses even for new shirts and jeans, shorts, dresses and other things in the closet. All they have to do is add a few patterns and colors and boom done! Along with body and eye colors. I know because I seen exactly what the code looks like and its pretty simple.
The only things that should take a week is designing new assets like mouths/eye/noses/face shapes and hairstyles.
But Colors! Come on episode you can do better and you know it.


I want to see what they are gonna do this year.


Yeah me too it doesn’t make any sense that we have to even cause a ruckus for things that should already be created. But they claim they want diversity… right… Ok -_-


Lol. :joy: Yeah. I’m just tired of this. It’s not hard. They can atleast start with more Biracial features. That’d be perfect.


Right they’ve been doing episodes for years that team should have this down pack by now. They know what we want.


Are we getting an update today. I thought they said we where getting an update for the new year.


I thought they said we would get an update mid-January :thinking:


So next week?


Oof I looked again and they said they’d be back in 2019


Oh Ok.


Episode is gonna have a RuneScape moment at this point. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, RuneScape had an update that fu*ked everything up soo badly that they lost hundreds of thousands of players so they put the old update back up and now every time they have an idea they go to there forums and ask them (the actual players) what they think of it. I’m waiting for the Episode team to create there own topic that says “What Do YOU Want To See”


Wonder what their new update will be… cafe clothes, maybe? :joy:


There next big update will be adding a pair of cafe socks :joy:


Cafe socks, I knew those baristas were missing something! :joy: And the suggestions thread seems like a pretty good idea, Episode should do that.


Ikr, but I’m not the only ones with good ideas cough Episode team take notes There are other people that have awesome ideas, some including adding more diversity, better clothes (that we don’t have to be a barista to wear) more DIVERSE lip colors and many many more ideas.


The entire feature section is great ideas which we’ll probably never get to see any sign of. And I’m sure Episode promised us something about lips a while back… never happened anyway.


I’m done with episode giving us false hope that there will be more productive updates.


Yeah, it’s all false. Episode will get a lot more positive attention on here if they just add some more dark lip colours.