[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


2019 and they still haven’t given us the stuff we asked for. It wasn’t just “because of one art release.” Look at the the things we have asked on the forums for a lot last year, and 2017. Still haven’t gotten it. Perfect example is the delete button:

It’s been up since February last year. Do we have it? No.


They haven’t taken consideration to our requests. That’s the issue. We still need a lot of stuff and are still getting the bare minimum. And if you say “it takes a long time”–For the Ink lip colors for dark skins such as Plum and Emerald, it took Cass AN HOUR to do it. An hour! Look how quick they were to listen when they were complaining about the ranking glitch. They fixed it in less than a week. I’m pretty sure new lip colors for dark skins in Limelight along with the rest of the stuff we have asked for representation shouldn’t take so long to do.


Maybe they have better things to do than listen to people complain ungratefully. Have you considered that by people complaining about what they don’t have, they’re slowing down better features, maybe things that’ll improve the platform more than a few hairstyles and lip colors?


These things take work. Work that people do nothing but complain about on forums meant to make people happy about new features.


What? You are ridiculous. It’s their job to do so. What’s a measly little complaints gonna stop them from doing that? Plus, we aren’t complaining. We are giving our opinions on a update. Stop belittling us for giving our criticism. New flash, not everyone has to like the update. And we have been asking for so many years for these things, of course we are gonna be upset. It’s time for them to change, not us. How are we the ones in the wrong for pointing out them not taking or listening to our requests for more diversity and representation? And like I have stated before:


If you’ve been with us for asking for these things, you’d just be as upset. It’s been weeks since we have been asking for new lip colors for dark skins and they are taking this long and putting us to the side. You won’t know because people like you usually stay silent whenever we talk and consider these requests and issues.


What they have not done was listen to us ad take consideration to what we ask and yet here you are belittling us for doing so, making it seem like we are at fault. How? For wanting things that could better the community and help the app? There are so many things they need to fix but instead of that, they make trashy stories and coffee clothing–?? Okay. Yes, we are the ones doing bad for pointing out the issues in this community and getting upset for not getting our requests that will help the portal and community. Such a realization. “It takes time–” Look at how long it took them to fix the ranking glitch. Less than 5 days man. Don’t come here and tell me it takes time.


I’m not saying you’re wrong to express opinions. I may have conveyed the wrong idea by using the word “complain” and I’m sorry. But the people we’re addressing about these things don’t need to hear it because they’ve heard it already, and they know what we want. Episode can organize its platform how they see fit. It’s not like we’re experts on what they’re trying to do.


Ah. I see. But not really though. I really want that delete button. :disappointed_relieved:


I do too, honestly. But we shouldn’t be firing constantly at Episode requesting things they know we want. They’re human too.


Things is if they actually gave us the stuff we wanted then we wouldn’t have to complain.


Again, I misworded my opinion a bit. Episode can run their platform as they like.


Sorry but I beg to differ. I mean, what are the request threads for then? I don’t think Episode’s purpose was to just run their own platform however they want. I’m sure they created the Forums just so we can voice our opinion and tell them what we’d like to have in the future for our stories. Though, I agree on being tired of listening to some arguing often about these things. It’s very tiring to me too but I totally understand why. Episode should care for their customers and not ignore them. :frowning:


Yes, the request threads are to suggest/request new features, but it never says that it’ll get added just because people want it. Those threads are how Episode know what we want, but not necessarily how they know what else to add to the platform.

To clarify, they can choose which community ideas to accept and decline, and they may not necessarily judge based on how many people support it.


Yeah I know, my point was if they added that idea of requesting threads that means they wouldn’t run the platform exactly how they want because they’d consider some of the requests. Also, I think they should AT LEAST listen to one of them. Not necessarily all or most of them. For now, from what I’ve seen, none have been done. That was all.



wE wErE PROMISED better diversity standards for 2017. It’s been 2 years now, and almost no change has been made. Stop calling people ungrateful for calling out Episode for their faults.



Anyway, I won’t be discussing more bc English is not my first language so it’s hard for me to voice my opinion. So yeah, I not gonna go on. Have a nice day. :sweat_smile:


I agree with what you are saying.




:triumph: You know what?:triumph:

This debate is getting a little pointless. It’s not like we have any real purpose to try and persuade each other of each other’s opinions. We’re all entitled to our own, and we don’t need to erupt into a flamewar about it. As long as we all understand that, we can leave this topic and stop spamming it with arguments, insults, and other kinds of messages. This topic isn’t worth all of the efforts we’re putting in. It’s really not.

If you really want to debate some more, start another topic and send it to whoever you like in order to debate what you all see as a controversy. This thread was meant for nothing more than announcing a new feature, not to be the post that people constantly check on for updates on the flamewar we’re having here. I mean look, 333 replies?! Seriously, people?! Is this really that big of a deal?!

Please, just cool it. There’s really no need to fight about this stuff! I admit, I did it myself, but now I’m tired of it and I’m sure you guys are too.