[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


Yes! :smile:


Ok I made it!!


Can’t find it. Can you tag me?




I think I tagged you if I didn’t, it’s called “Dear Episode Team, We Need To Talk.”


I’m WhEeZiNg :joy:


It really makes me upset that we have awesome stuff on featured stories, but they never release it to the public. Many community authors would make great use of many of those assets


I wouldn’t go as far as to say “disgusted”, but I am also very annoyed at this. I ended up deleting episode for a long time because they kept fooling around with us, by only letting featured episodians use the newest features. I didn’t realize this was happening because I thought all the stories episode was releasing was their own… and here I was waiting and hoping for the new features, hair, etc. also, been waiting for LimeLight on Mobile since I think 2017 when they first released it


Agreed, there wouldn’t be as much of an issue if Episode didn’t already have the new assets, but they do and we can’t see any sign of them coming soon.


I agree.

There are scar options for featured authors, and do they use it? No. If they even use it, it’s for nothing. A scar means a story. It’s not something like a haircut. I need the scar option more than anyone but we are not getting it any time soon. -,-


Limelight on mobile was confirmed in 2018, but then I asked the Episode team and they said they’d consider adding it in the future, so it probably isn’t really happening.


I hope I am not complaning or starting an argument, but I do wish the new hairstyles come out. The new curly hairs are awesome and the ones in instant princess are amazing. I also wish they would release the buns and some dance animations and clothes, I want to write a story about a dancer, although we don’t have much things. Lip colors for dark skin would be awesome, since most of the time I find my characters looking quite weird. I hope episode listens to our requests.




Yeah me to I started a story about a ballerina and a boxer but had to put it on hold.


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