[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


Sorry Apes, not true. You want to say that our follow members - episodian Artists are not as good as artists from Episode, because they need less time to create good stuff?
Not only artists,
even writers create better stories then Episode itself in less time, and we heard them saying they need several months to create one.


Customers are unsatisfied because expectations are far higher than they should be. None of us know how hard episode work (or don’t). I just wish this community would be more grateful. Episode don’t have to release anything. Imagine the uproar that would cause if they decided to not release ANYTHING and ignore everyone completely :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m not debating this further. I wanted to put my opinion in. And you’ve put yours in. :heart:


If they wouldn’t release a stuff, we wouldn’t have anything to work with, we wouldn’t be writing and they wouldn’t have source of their payments.


But hey, no matter of my honest opinion I wrote above, I wish to all episodians and to Episode Team

This release is small (crumbs) but worth.


:blue_heart: Thank you Episode for all of the work you do! :blue_heart:
:blue_heart: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :blue_heart:


I love how people try to control how people feel about this update.

Episode. Gets. Free. Money. From. Us.

It’s fair enough if people wanted more than barista outfits.


They created this platform and allow us to use their assets for our own stories, so I’d say that’s a fair trade.


And we both make the stories for them and read them, so they don’t need to put any effort in to make money. Not a fair trade.


They didn’t create this platform out of the goodness of their hearts. They created it because it means they could get free money. :woman_facepalming:t4:


Well, yeah, because they need to get paid. They have jobs. How many platforms do you know that actually allow users to freely create their own visual stories like this one? To a lot of us, it’s a creative outlet, to some, it’s work. Point is, they created something that now means a lot to many people. And it’s not like we have to pay them to read stories, either. Only gem choices. They’re listening to the community and are working to meet our needs. It could be worse.


Thank you for this! :sparkling_heart:


I think these are super cute thanks episode. I recomend hair styles next though.


agreed. You guys really need to calm down. They will give us what we need very soon. Just be patient. Wow.


Thank you Episode! Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. These clothing look wonderful. :heart_eyes: @Liz


They did it TO make money, not to make us happy. We don’t owe anyone anything if they’re making money from us. They’ve already made a lot from us :woman_facepalming:t4: More than we’re getting.

It’s like “YAY Episode are exploiting people’s amazing story ideas for FREE. How nice of them”


Lmao, I never said that. First of all, you’re using their services for FREE. It’s not like Netflix, where you have to pay monthly. Second of all, the TOS already stated from the beginning that they’ll be making money from in-app purchases. If you don’t agree with it, I don’t know why you’re even here in the first place. I’m not trying to be mean.


In fact, it’s a simple equation. More assets, more happy consumers, more stories made, more stories read. That means they make more money.


I just…

episode tried creating hyped, they did. But it took them so long and they gave so little that the hype is dead now, they think its alive and well or sumn when in reality only 5 people are still hyped. We just want what they promised. -,-


Look. They’re making money from our stories, which means the least they can do is make it EASIER for us to make stories and give them free money. There’s nothing to be grateful for. If we’re unhappy, they lose money. No need to act like they’re being SO NICE. They’re getting a lot more out of this “symbiotic relationship” than we are. They’re just smart businesspeople.


Episode has created a business model where we are both creators AND consumers. As both, we are doing a lot of work to get them free money. They can help us and they’d get more. Nothing ungrateful about that.