[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


Alright, I get your point. But I don’t think attacking them on this thread while they’re working to release the stuff we want is a productive or necessary move. So yeah.


If we don’t speak out, nothing will ever happen. For the sake of the diversity they promised almost 2 years ago, different lip colours should be a higher priority than barista outfits


It’s all about prioritising. People aren’t thrilled about the barista updates. If they had put that time into lip colours, it would be out sooner.


It worked with the trending update. It’s worked with the hairstyles update before. Seems to be the only way they listen, actually.


Yeah they should prioritize, but still, can’t rush them or still asking for these lips colors, skin, etc. Things take time to make and do. Patience is key. We know everyone was waiting for these, and they have to wait. It will be out soon.


Rushing them worked the last time they messed up, so why can’t we? I seem to be fully capable of doing so. Except I’m not even rushing them. Just expressing grievances I’m allowed to express. This is freedom of speech, after all. Episode does claim it wants us to hold it responsible.


Yep, everyone has the RIGHT to say what they want. :+1:t3:


ooooo, what did they messed up on, if you can remember. ?


They released a picture with hairstyles they hadn’t put on the corresponding update. They said the hairstyles weren’t ready. People were so angry that the new hairstyles they included got released on the Monday.


Why get angry for just hairstyle? Don’t make no sense that people are upset about it, but oh well, hairstyles are up now.


Because Episode released a small update and were so negligent that they didn’t check if the picture they made FOR the update included the UPDATE in it.


ahh ok.


Correction…they have given white people (and other ethnicities with straight hair) so much :slightly_smiling_face:


Please get back on topic of what was released in this thread or it will be closed and offenders will be dealt with as needed. Thanks.


this is really nice.


This uniform looks good.


These work awesome for my MC’s job.






hm, maybe something like this. hm, I m thinking should change the pants.


That outfit is super cute, minus the pants (Not to be rude) you could always try some black tights to go with it?