[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


good idea. I thought about the pants, but didnt like it.



I love the pants!


That looks nice. And hey, at least you gave her pants! I didn’t realize the apron wasn’t a full skirt at first and had a little booty hanging out the back when I tested it. :peach:


There is a topic for discussing the new updates: Discussion: Barista Clothing. Please refrain from continuing off-topic discussions on the update threads. Thanks :slight_smile:




a nice good t-shirt work day outfit.


Could you possibly update the lips colors for the new skin tones? Especially for medium skin tones? It looks pretty bad on male characters (females have lipsticks and all).
Also, please please some new animations for LL :sweat_smile: I really need those!


As @celestiial.missy said. They seemed to have no problem releasing those, so, by logic, they could have slowly begun releasing at least some of the recent assets (which I’m sure would contribute to the community a lot), but nope. Let’s not forget how their actual protocol goes.


Interesting point. I know outfits are the one thing I never spend gems on. Plus, I don’t know if people spend gems on outfits because of exclusivity. I think it’s usually because the alternative is usually SO awful.

"Today is my first day as a barista! What should I wear to work?

Option 1: Wear your uniform and apron, and keep your job! (45 gems)
Option 2: Fashion a diaper out of a Walmart shopping bag, get fired, and die alone. (FREE!)"


Lol. Ikr?


I laughed out loud at this


That exact coffee-stained PJ scenario literally happened in Haute as Hell!


I know. It’s like:

MC BFF: I have the free gown I’m letting you wear to this party…

For 30 gems!!

MC: Nah, I’m gonna wear these dusty pajamas.


man 2019 is coming, cheers to false promises


It makes me not want to write in LL anymore if they’re going to treat us like this! :triumph: Besides a lot of people are writing in it now bc of the updates & look at what they’re pulling… It’s so unfair.


I personally don’t even like or use LL at all, but I still believe this is unfair. If only anything in this community was close to being equal. My membership in the Episode community is hanging by a thread due to all this.


Kind of off topic but I get flagged anyway so idc lol. If you download the app on a new device, you have to read featured stories first before you have access to community stories or anything at all. I downloaded it for someone in my family & if they want to use the app at all they have to read enough features stories to “unlock” access to everything else. I don’t have a good feeling about this app. The TOS doesn’t even make sense & they’re stealing stories. I literally think they’re jealous of community authors lol.


You actually don’t have to read these stories. Just exit within the first line and continue to the only good part of the app (aka user stories).

Another mini rant?

That’s probably because they’re incapable of coming up with something actually relevant to the world to perhaps spread awareness or simply entertain people, but nope. It’s always bad boy this, gang leader that, teenage pregnancy at 1000 mph (protection who?!), love = obsession & emotional abuse, striving to be the popular girl, nerds are ugly nobodies who need a transformation immediately and diversity of any sort is nonexistent.

Oh, how could I forget? Sex with the bad boy, sex with the taken guy, sex with your stepbrother, sex with your stepfather, sex with your teacher, freakin’ sex with your own dad! (ok, ew)

According to the last sentence, I’m starting to think the team’s members all lack a sex life since they have way too much time to come up with such ideas and even write those cringe-worthy, sick, literal porn stories. Might as well make the app R-rated in that case.

Ok, I expect to be either flagged or banned for the last paragraph. :latin_cross:


Please calm down, I know this was not the update everyone wanted but clothing features are easier to do than character creator features. They will resume updates when the holiday break is over. There is no reason to get mad because they released one item instead of what everyone was expecting. They have a release schedule that they go by and if they can add a bonus update that the community wants they try their best to do that. You have to give them their time to get things done. All this rushing is very disrespectful to the Art team.