[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


We asked for more diversity, more cultural hair and outfits, and we get… Coffee Shirts.


Oh finally! I can finally look like myself! (I wear visors, they’re awesome)


I completely agree. I’m gonna croak if I see another episode cliche. :persevere:

Also I was saying they changed it! You can check rn by downloading it on a completely new device. The only option was to read a few selected featured stories bc everything else is completely bocked for new users. In order to get a profile, read user stories, check out the shelves etc. You’d need to read those selected stories in order to unlock them.


Great! I love it!


That is completely ridiculous. I’m glad I started reading long before they forced this unnecessary requirement.


If you exit out of the story right when it starts you can then access the other stories. I do agree it is very annoying process to go through.


This is my 3rd time saying it changed lol.


Y’all better deliver, Episode. Cause these people aren’t playing around


Lol yeah I know. It’s a little ridiculous that they make us go through that hoop when redownloading the app or making a new account.


Why is everything on here getting reported? We don’t want the topic closed!

Also, I think we should stick some requests for 2019 here. Just put down a list of what we want and Episode’s bound to give us at least one.

•Dark skin hairstyles and lip colours
•More Asian skin colours/eyes
•Updates to mobile creation (more backgrounds or limelight)
•Ink clothes (unless discontinued)
•Limelight faces and hairstyles seen in some stories

Reply with your ideas and we’re more likely to get them!

Edit: And this is inappropriate how…? Let’s just hope all these posts get unhidden.


I just want to see some LL military clothes please… like the camo outfits in INK…


Oh my God yes, that’s the reason why I’ve stopped reading featured stories. They should at least make it fair! It’s so wrong.


Right, coffee is nowhere near as important as these! Their priorities are in the wrong place


Exactly! Didn’t they claim to be working on diversity a while back?


Well they were doing a great job at some point but then stopped completely once limelight came out


And now Ink seems discontinued and we’re back to the start again.


I really understand that episode team works hard to create the clothes and stuff, but they should really release the hairstyles and skin colors and maybe create other hairstyles for themselves, but right now we want the hairstyles, it doesn’t matter if they have better hairstyles we just need the basics


thank u next


Barista outfits, EXACTLY what we’ve been asking for! I mean, it’s not like we were expecting the outfits or hairstyles in the episode-made stories to be released anytime soon! And we definitly aren’t in desperate need of lip colors that suit dark skin tones, ethnic hair, or anything like that! Happy Holidays everybody!