[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!


Thanks for the update!

I’ve been noticing some people saying the Episode team is lazy. Ya’ll really just acting immature now. Can you be less demanding than children? Smh

Also I hop everyone has a merry Christmas

Merry birthday


I’d be wary also bc if new assets are gem choices we may not get them. So lovely of them to rub things in our faces when we don’t even have enough to work with. :heart_eyes:




Happy Holidays everyone! I was reading y’alls comments on the updates and tbh its useless y’all screaming behind a screen …no offense but i saw somebody saying bad words…and its not good…they are trying very hard…these are REAL people we are talking about making these art releases…they are not robots

Please be calm! They also have lives and its the holidays …they cant just work day and night…Please❤


I can write however i want😋


Episode Users: Complain when readers want perfect updates pretty much everyday and want them to be robots

Also Episode Users: Complain when Episode doesn’t release perfect updates pretty much everyday and want them to be robots


I mean, if you can type however we want, we should speak however we want right?


I did not say you cant have opinions! All i said is to stop screaming behind screens …it wont get anywhere😋 and cursing is not allowed in the forums😁 i see you did not read the forum rules


Yes ofc you can! But be nice! That’s what i said


And I see you don’t know how to use grammar or capitalize. :grin:


Just cuz your username is Smarter you are actually enacting the word​:joy::joy: Cliché


I honestly got bored and picked a random username. :joy::joy: It is, I know.




That’s not even it at all. We never stated or made them seen as robots but go off. :frog::tea:


I personally feel some of y’all miss the entire point of us putting out our concerns and opinions on the updates. Like, you just look at the bad parts and dismiss the rest we have said and why we did or do say it, which explains a lot for it. :frowning_woman:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:


Yet, some say we shouldn’t “be rude” but here some of you go, insulting us and calling us “ungrateful”, “impatient”, “childish”, etc. The funny this is: We were grateful before and still somewhat are. We were patient, we have been waiting for a very long time and asking for a very long time. We were mature about this and still are but it’s just tiring to continuously wait and ask over and over and over again. You are the same people who stay silent when we ask for representation and diversity, so you wouldn’t understand the hardship of being ignores for it, getting pushed to the side, and other things. Just saying. :woozy_face:


it was meant to be a joke…


Yeah, I understand your point very well. It’s sad stuff like this has been happening often in the threads lately. Sometimes I feel Episode is just following their own ‘list’ of releases and updates. And so with all due respect, I’m just hoping Episode will give us something better next time than just coffee clothes. Not that I’m complaining, just saying. :confused:


the tea has burnt my mouth.


Anyone realised constructive criticism is good yet? :joy: