[Limelight] Casual Clothing


Hey Episodians,

This week we’ve got some casual clothing styles for you all. We also threw in a bonus vocation set of clothes this time also! Here’s the full list of items:

Thick Heel Flat Sports Sneakers Velvet Wine Red
High Top Sneakers Cotton Black White
Flat Canvas Sneakers Cotton Black White

Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Blue Cerulean
Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black
Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Purple Periwinkle
Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Red Rose
Beret Wool Pink Pale
Beret Wool Jet Blue
Beret Wool Neutral Warm
Beret Wool Maroon Red
(PP) Bumper Sneaker

Bonus for Male and Female
Police Uniform

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues.

The Episode Team

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Finally, SNEAKERS! :grin::grin::heart:


Yay thank you!


Yessss!!! I’ve been waiting for sneakers like these :smile:


Lol I was waiting for another update and I see this one was posted 15 hours ago. :sweat_smile:


Yass!!! Does a happy dance, this update is long overdue. :heart_eyes::sob:


Yayy! Finally sneakers for limelight :heart_eyes:!


police uniforms and sneakers… bless :heart_eyes:


Does anyone else have a problem finding Flat Canvas Sneakers Cotton Black White? I just don’t see them :frowning:


Me neither :thinking:


Not visible in my portal either :heart:


When new clothes get added to limelight can you guys put them into their categories? Meaning like the most recent shoe releases are not categorized in the catalog under shoes. The new dresses for Easter are not under dresses.


Good catch! I’ve corrected this and they should be viewable now.




Yay, sneakers!


Love the sneakers and police uniform for females! Still waiting for actual casual clothing updates though :confused:


sneakers omg i’m so happy


Sneakers and police uniforms… the two things we were really holding out for :joy:
You did us good this week, Episode.


Omg I was just talking about how there needed to be more casual sneakers for the characters and here they are :pray:t4:


can someone pm screenshots? im away from my laptop but i still wanna see the update!