[Limelight] Casual Wear Pt2

Hey Episodians,

We’re back this week with another batch of casual clothing! You may recognize some of these items from our Pitch Perfect story. Here’s a list of all items being released:

Cowboy Hat Leather Brown
Red Boyfriend Flannel
(PP) Oversize Tshirt Cotton Black
(PP) Oversize Denim Pants Denim Light Blue
(PP) Oversize Outfit Shorts Denim Light Blue
(PP) Cluster Funk Shirt Flannel
(PP) Beca Boyfriend Flannel
Denim Blue Side Stitched Jeans
(PP) Talia Girls Night Shirt
Black Ribbed Leather Jacket Open

Cowboy Hat Leather Brown
Red Open Flannel
(PP) Charlie Pink Shirt Cotton Bright Pink
Black Ribbed Leather Jacket and Shirt
(PP) Jeans Loose Leg

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues.


The Episode Team

Update: Release is complete and all items should be available now.


I can’t wait to use these!

Nice work. But please, PLEASE, release more Ink stuff! People are still dying for more ink things. @Jesse


Yeeesssss! My leading male character, he’s based off my husband, and he has been wearing that silver hat since there wasn’t a cowboy hat and now I can replace it before I publish my story! :raised_hands:t5:

Those flannel shirts though! :heart::heart_eyes:


Thank you for these! They’re absolutely amazing!

That black leather jacket for males was added twice today :heart:

@Jesse these aren’t showing up on my portal :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: they’re showing up now :slightly_smiling_face:


omg this is the best news I’ve heard all day :heart_eyes:

I wish that oversized T-Shitt would came in more colors. It’s amazing!!
Praise the one who made it! :smiley:

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one has a shirt with it and the other one doesnt :wink:

they are just focusing on LL now the only thing that ink would get is old stuff i don’t think they are gonna put new stuff

New stuff or not, I just think they could do at least few more clothes & anim releases again, just for the writes sake, because what’s the point of leaving few nice stuff inaccessible to community that could be also used for great potential? There are for example, many animations still not used (that’s what I heard), female tattoos, hidden hairstyles, eyebrows (I found few hidden again), quite nice clothes as well, and all of these could just be accessible for everyone.


yeah i wish they would but rn they are focusing with Limelight cause its a new style. Id think they would be able to update female tattoos or hidden anim cause the tattoos and anims are just for a specific story that they made it for

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Oh I see it now :woman_facepalming:t4:

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Awesome! :smile: In my story, MC has to wear her love interest’s shirt… And I’ve read stories, when the author says “Imagine she’s wearing his jacket” :wink: I can’t wait to use these clothes!

COME THROUGH EPISODE!!! Loving it!!! These are just what I needed. Hope you release more soon

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I love it! But I wish the clothes would come in more colors, especially the Cluster Funk Shirt Flannel because I have a feeling all of my characters are going to use it ALL the time.


Yes! I can use this for my tomboy and lesbian characters!


I’M IN LOVE :heart: thank you, Episode