Limelight Character Thread


So @AMagic and I have started a character thread

  1. This Thread is to help, with religious styles and face features.

  2. WE ONLY DO LL!!

  3. No drama allowed

  4. Yes you can come here to ask, if your characters are cute

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hey can I ask for some advice with my characters

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Sure, that’s what this is for.

Ok, so each details button is 1 character in 2 genders, I just want to know if the characters look similar enough to their other gender version, cause I’m gonna do a choose gender of LI thingy and I want them to have similar features no matter the gender. So if there’s anything I can change to make them look more similar please let me know what thanks.

Character 1

Character 2

Im personally not a fan of the blue guy’s lips, but they do look similar. Will the reader actually see both characters? Or will they choose a gender, then see the one they chose?
I really like the black and purple aliens.

They’ll choose a gender then see the one they chose. Also the gray/purple ones are great lol thanks

So it doesn’t REALLY matter how close they look? But they do look close

I want them to look close in case I have to describe them, mostly, but the reader might get previews as they’re selecting the dating gender idk, I just prefer them to look similar

Makes sense!

What mouth would be better for the blue guy?

This one?