Limelight characters and/or outfits I'll help!

I need something casual yet kinda flirty for a wolf, one character - different variations please

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I made a random character but made a ss from it with the outfit to get an idea. I added werewolf ears but I think it depends on the skintone and haircolor which color is most suitable

Outfit 1

The Blood stain is optional of course

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5


Thanks!! I like that you add winter outfits :wink:


Yeah you’re welcome :wink:

If you still need more you can always let me know thanks for visiting :slight_smile:

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Can you pls make me pretty blonde girl in cheap scrubby clothes

Its my topic and I don’t want it to get closed so for the last time cut it out

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Can you pls make me pretty blonde girl in cheap scrubby clothes?


Omg thx i love them

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I hope its not trouble but can you make me two formal outfits for a werewolf (1 guy, 1 girl)
Please give me something to credit you by:)

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There are more I forgot to post them and outfit 2 is now complete as well I saw that I didn’t add a picture OOPS so sorry about that

Of course not, no trouble at all

Formal Outfit Female

Formal Outfit Male

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Good Evening Maam
I am in need of some characters and outfits if u are free to do them please let me know!

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Of course I am! What exactly were you thinking about?

Wow thx

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I just saw the new outfits, i love them!

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Great to hear that!

Hi ! I would really like some background characters in LL! I would love to see some diverity as well! Is 4 males and 4 females to much to ask?

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