Limelight Characters Needed for my book

Heyyy! So I need some limelight characters for my story! Dm me! (If you have diverse characters PLEASE send me those details)


Dagger Heart Tattoo Ink Multi Color

Floral Crown Floral Red

Twist Top Tank Cotton Grey Light

Sneakers Velvet Wine Red

Studded Belt Leather Black

Rippedleggingssimple Grey Black

Ribbon Fabric Jeweled Choker Cotton Red True

Face shape: diamond, eyes: female generic (dark brown), hair medium (curly dark black), nose shape: upturned round button, lips: small heart (peach matte), eyebrows arched natural (dark black)

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*Lime Light)

Character: Alessandra
Body: Neutral 02
Brow: High Arch Angled
Hair: Hair Flip
Hair Color: Medium Warn Brown
Eye: Deepset Downturned
Eye Color: Brown Pale
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Grecian soft
Lips: Full Round Pouty
Lip Color: Pink Deep Matte

Female Outfit:
Dress: Floral Lace Bodice Mermaid Dress Silk Blue Cerulean
Shoes: Thigh High Circle Studded Boots Leather Grey White
Accessories: Clutch quilt Stitched Metal Clasp Leather White Ivory, Noveau Gem Pendant Necklace Metal Rose Gold, Diamond Cluster Bracelet Amethyst, Leaf Motif Double Hanging Earrings Metal Sliver

Personality: Protective of her love ones, kind caring, loving, shy, determine to success and harding working. Stubborn

Character: Justin
Body: Neutral 04
Brow: Round Thick
Brow Color: Blackjet
Hair: Wavy Quiff
Hair Color: Honey Blonde
Eye: Deepset Downturned
Eye Color: Blue Aqua
Face: Diamond Soft
Nose: Hooked Generic
Lips: Full Heart Natural
Lip Color: Rose Light Nude Gloss

Male Outfit:
Shoes: Loafer Penny Leather Black
Shirt: Skinny JEan Torn Rolled Cuff Denim Blue Marine
Pant: button Up Rolled Up Sleeves Untucked Cotton Red Plum Rose
Accessories: Thin Round Rim Sunglass Metal Black, Long Chain Rectangle Rendant Metal Rose Gold, Minor Faced Watch Leather Pink Peach

Personality: Protective of his love ones, hardworking and determine to success, kind and caring, loving and stubborn.

Character: Child

Personality: Funny and calm

Sexuality: Unknow

Character detail:

Hair: Diva Curls

Hair colour: Blond

Eyes: Upturn Luxe

Skin tone: Light

Eye Colour: Blue

Face: Defined Heart

Nose: Roman

Lips: Blossom Lips

Lip Color: Blubblegum Pink

Justin and Alessandra’s daughter

Name: Uri

Protective, stubborn, loud baby/ child.

Sexuality: Unknow

Character detail:

Skin tone: Olive

Eye brows: Mature Grand

Hair: Modern Pompadour

Hair colour: Blond

Eyes: Classic Round

Face: Athletic Square Jaw

Nose: Bull

Lips: Classic

Lips Color: Blush

Role: Justin and Alessandra’s son

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> (They are a couple ut you don't have to use them like that)

CHARACTER (AMANDA) credits to lazy_donut
Body : Rose 02
Brow : Arched Natural (Light Brown)
Hair : Over Shoulder Braid (Platinum Blonde)
Eyes : Female Generic (Blue Green)
Face : Diamond
Nose : Defined Natural
Lips : Full Round Pouty (Beige Gold Matte)

Deep V Swimsuit Lycra Grey Black
(PP) Oversize Denim Pants Denim Light Blue
Ankle Buckle Boots Pleather Grey Black
(PP) Cluster Funk Shirt Flannel
Strapped Accented Watch Face Metal Gold

Charmimg and super-confident. Always saying what she is thinking. Very romantic-she falls in love with litterally every man that she meets. Always flirting with a guy. With her friends she is very kind and always ready to find a partner for them.