*Limelight* Characters Needed For My Story


Hi everyone, I am working on a story and I need more characters. Let me know if you are interested in becoming one. I need characters to play the sibling of Theo and Becca. Keep in mnd the THeo is prince but Becca doesn’t know and things will get intresting.


what type of story? I might have some ideas!


It’s a love story.


Hello! :smile:
If you need a character I would love to be one :blush:

Here are my details :
Body : Neutral 01
Eyebrows : Arched Thick Styled , Light Brow
Hair : Beach Wave, Light Brown
Face : Heart Soft
Eyes : Round Downturned Wide , Brown Dark
Lips : Full Heart Pouty, Peach Gloss
Nose : Round Button Upturned


I would love to!
name: Michelle Rose (or just rose)


a girl with blue eyes and purple hair and maybe a boy with brown hair green eyes? my idea sorry if it didn’t help but i alaway try!


Love it!


That’s fine, I need different types of characters.


I can come up with some characters if you want


Sure, lets message each other.


Got it. I will message you !


I edited my answer, in which I add the details :sparkling_heart:
Ty for accepting me as a character in your story ! Ty a lot rly :heart_eyes:


Your welcome!




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