Limelight Characters Needed for My Upcoming Story



Send me character details and a party outfit

Need Limelight Characters

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You can use this one if ya like


Thanks, can you send me outfit details too?
Sorry if it takes you awhile to do


I sure can. Give me a little bit and I’ll take it for you. Do you need a male too? I have one


Thanks, it means a lot. Yes I do, that be super helpful.


Here is the male details but I’m gonna send u the other outfit


Thank you!



That is the detail of the outfits


Thank you!
Is Chay’s light brown or something else?


It is light brown


Thank you! That will be all I need from you.
Again thank you a lot.


When the story is ready let me know. I would love to read it


Sure, it may take a couple of weeks or more as school and actually writing so sorry.
But message me if you want to know more about my story or whatever :slight_smile: Also thank you, I hope you love when its published




What hair colour? Also thanks


your characters are great can you do one for me. I need a pretty girl.


Hey, you can use these two from my story Rivals [Limelight] (one is me). If you give credit, please credit me with @winter05.episode. :wink:

Me - Winter

Melissa - you can change her name if you want

Winter xx