Limelight characters needed for story! (CLOSED)

Im looking for limelight characters only. It’s for a fantasy story about a human girl and her alpha mate. If you want to be in the story, give me the name, age, background, what the character looks like, ect. If you want to be credited, please give me your insta. So I can credit you. Thank you :blush: The Story name has been changed to Luna Irina. Sorry I haven’t updated ya’ll on the story!


Here are some extra characters from my story, feel free to change their outfits


Ruri is laid back and chill, enjoys 50s themed diners and cars; 23 years old
Aideen’s bruise is supposed to resemble a birthmark and she’s a very spoiled brat who wants everything handed to her when asked; 23 years old
Lorcán loves to play baseball :baseball: ; 24 years old

Credit Instagram @ryder_epii

Thank you so much!!! The story is called The Girl And Her Alpha btw. I’ll update you when the story is out incase you want to read it :blush:

Ouu please do, I’d love to read it once it’s out :pleading_face:

Thank you again…and the characters are all created!


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If you needed character
You could choose any role you like :+1:
Daisy is 23
Yarissa is 27
Martin Jr 25
Gustavo 22
Landon & Luke 25

Daisy Characters Details

Screenshot (767)

Daisy is Yarissa sister

Yarissa Characters Details

Screenshot (770)

Her boyfriend name is Martin Jr and Yaissa is sister with Daisy

Martin Jr Characters Details

Her girlfriend name is Yarissa

Gustavo Characters Details

Best friend with Daisy

Landon Characters Detail

More characters detail of my story

Name Landon

Extra items:

Landon is a twin with Luke and he also Daisy friend

Luke Characters Detail

Luke details characters are:

Extra items:

Luke is a twin with Landon and he also Daisy friend

My Instagram at daisyrodriguezepisode for daisy, Gustavo, Landon, Luke Characters and tag my sister Characters with her boyfriend card at Instagram yarissarodriguezepisode tag me when you published your story also you could change any outfits you like :smiley:

Thank you!!. If you don’t mind can I use all of the characters?

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Sure go ahead :grinning: I don’t mind at all just tag me when you published your story :grinning:

Okayy :blush:

Ages: 20-24


Boyfriend: Kai


Girlfriend: Ayame




Credit me by Ayu-chan



Uploading: Episode Character Card 2 V3 (9).jpg…
Dahlia is bisexual


oliver and olivia are twins and camila is bisexual



Lori is a lesbian

credit tre.episodes on IG

Thank you @tre.episodes & @Ayu. The stories is called **The girl and her alpha ** in case ya’ll would like to read it when its out. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here are three characters you can use (Feel free to use any outfit)

Character 1

Character 2

Character 3

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Thank you!! What would you like for me to credit you with.?

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You can say “@Episode Author” (That’s my Episode username)

Okay and thank you again :smiley:

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Thank you!!!

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That’s fine but oops! I just saw that you need more details. Hold on, here they are

Character 1

Name:Erin Mcalister
Background:Half Scottish, Half Spanish

Character 2

Name:Blake Thornton

Character 3

Name:Rick Mclalin

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You’re welcome, let me know if u need more…I have 3 more girls & could make u some boys (:

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