Limelight Characters Wanted!

What’s your story called? (if you dont mind me asking)

It’s called Insecure :heart: It’s not out yet, but I will post when it’s out if you would like.

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Thank you!


Of course! I cant wait to read it when its published. Let me know when you do!

Ok! Thank you!

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I’ve submitted a form. :blush:

@LariYaa I got it :smiley:


I did 10 minutes earlier too, I think.

Yes, I got your submission. I tagged you with two other people :slight_smile:


Is it ok if I fill out multiple forms?

Of course

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Thanks. Also, if you want some free splashes I’d be happy to make you some for your story!

Thanks! I don’t know of any I need atm, but can I get back to you if I need some?

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Of course, you can DM me for them

Alrighty :smiley:

I got your second character :smiley:

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Done! :smiley:

Yay! I’m just gonna make 2 more lol . This is fun

waIT, i made 3 characters? o_O

I got your character :smiley: Thanks

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