Limelight Clothing In General

So I started looking more through the LL options because I figure I should eventually get on this LL bandwagon and make a story in LL, but like…it is the hardest thing because maybe it is just me and even if it is, I know people would still agree that Limelight could use better/different clothing options.

Honestly, most of these options look like they are made for specific character types in mind. Characters in LL don’t seem to be able to be extremely different in style from one another like it is in Ink.

Here’s my biggest beef so far:

  • No laceless canvas shoes
  • All of the jeans are either ripped or rolled up pretty much??? Why so many of these specifically?
  • Also with the jeans, not very many tuck into boots or higher pants despite the pants being tight
  • So many crop tops
  • Even shirts that don’t even look like they would be crop tops seem to cut too high up, like, can we have more regular tees that aren’t:
  1. rolled up at the sleeves
  2. short at the waist
  • Why SOO many school-looking uniforms? Cool and all, but, meh, this one isn’t that big of a deal
  • Seriously, these rolled up jeans are criminal -_-
  • Could we get more patterned outfits that aren’t stripes/polka dots? Maybe a little more plaid even?
  • More just practical clothes
  • Why do we have SO MANY of these animals in bags variations? …>.> Seems like energy could be spent else where kinda >.>
  • Why are some of these shirts like…half tucked in and half out and then the back of them in completely, neatly tucked in???
  • These are barely tee-shirts. These are non-sleeves…>.>
Like what even is this???

They’re just really impractical and nonsensical. And don’t get me wrong here, a lot of these specifically I listed aren’t exactly terrible things, and I mean no offense, just that a lot of this isn’t able to be layered in a flattering way with other items in the wardrobe.

My beef with the LL closet is that you kinda have to stick with the same cookie cutter formula for every outfit and trial and error things and it usually just doesn’t work because sleeves or whatever.

It is amazing’ to me that this version of LL can have so many different, cool things here, yet still somehow be so limited in how different and personalized and creative you can really make your character look through their style.

So, I made this thread to encourage a support-type thread where the community asks for more practical clothing, more everyday-type stuff that isn’t cropped all weird, just natural stuff. Items you can layer better, like tight jeans and some boots. Shirts with real sleeves that you can layer over an item with longer sleeves:

Like these

Bell bottoms, more interesting boots, chiller, light jackets more casual shoes, less high heels, just regular tees, simpler jackets, better business attire, because the female bottoms for like a suit are way too far in between. AND VESTS

Like these

EDIT: Better doctor-specific clothing and other career specific clothing, more modest/conservative outfits for modest girls and especially Muslims, better hats that fit better and just more in general.

Like these

I added this ushanka for you @fcukforcookies lol

Hey @EpisodeShadow, looking at this, are the hijabs provided actually more like these al-amira head coverings? Or would it be exceptionally longer on the character?

EDIT: Better dresses, tees with prints, maybe some fishnets and other kinds of tights, seems like just generally, more ADULT clothing??? LOL

Like so

Added a denim jacket because they don’t have the cool denim jackets like in INK lol

ANOTHER EDIT: Better tennis shoes and decade/historical clothing!



I’d also like to add some positive notes. Limelight isn’t by any means a bad style. It is really pretty and has a lot of potential, just still seems so limited at the same time right now. Here’s some things I think Limelight has right that they should add more of:

Good stuff <3 <3

But like, less Christmas-y. Please lol

<3 <3 <3


My particular beef on LL clothing are some of their hats. I don’t know how to explain it, but they don’t form to the head well. They just plop on the head instead of naturally holding onto the back and nape of the head.

Anyways, we need more baseball/trucker hats. In general more occupation-specific outfits. For instance, I’m writing a story which has a surgery scene, and while LL has scrubs they don’t have the proper attire for this (hairnets, surgical masks, gloves, long smocks, etc)


Here’s my thing, I dont see myself ever wearing most of the outfit choices, they’re just way too revealing (this is a lot since i live in a very HOT place). Not many conservative outfits for females, and lots of muslim women want their body to be mostly covered.

I honestly wish we had more professional looking clothing, something business/work appropriate


Clothes layering is a must. The main problem is that u cant layer them without bugs. @Dara.Amarie created post with this feature. I struggle a lot when creating outfit cuz of the weird layering, or let’s say lack of it. But, yeah, we need more t-shirts with prints, longer dresses, tights like fishnets maybe, cause these dotted tights are for kids… Also the problem with most jackets is that they are so tight that u cant combine them with anything other than crop top. Long way to go.

Ushanka looks awesome. Love it. :heart:


Agreed <3

<3 <3 Ushankas are really awesome, actually like, I want one now >.>

I’m going to edit accordingly.


Go off, sis! Support this!


I don’t understand why we don’t have it. It’s stupid.


Did you see my question about this?

Looking at this, are the hijabs provided actually more like these al-amira head coverings? Or would it be exceptionally longer on the character?

I ask because the hijabs we have in LL look kind of in between these two images at the top left >.>


I would love it if they added these! I already made a thread about it and I hope it gets more support for Episode to consider it.


Yup I realised that with the 3 different styles…the nature of clothing differs too… LL is more of the well you know type…I guess that’s why many stories are you know… in LL. Before when it was the reign of the Classics…you can see like a different perspective of clothing slightly. Then came the wave of INK style with bad boys etc etc bringing with it a different ideology of clothes as well.


I never seen a classic story or dealt with it before. Likely I never will.

What was the clothing’ system like? Layerable like in ink or more cookie cutter like LL? …maybe something different entirely?

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Classic has nice clothing. They do have better modest dresses.


Real quick, off topic, can you recommend me a couple classic stories real quick?


You can try my story hahah. hmm… hold on.



You can try my story: Tribe of Malapinchi. But I’m still editing a few things… but you can read the first chapter if you like.


I don’t read Classic, I just use the clothing to edit. XD

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Ah, heard.

@JannahJackson oh wow, noice <3

I’ll read it, sure. <3

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Theres Super Secret Cedar Hill and Hunted. These are the few classics stories I read.


Noted -.^

Thanks <3 <3

There’s Dripping Mascara and “Roses and Thorns”