Limelight Coding Issues PEASE HELP

Hey all, I am experiencing a problem when I am coding in the writers portal.

Whenever I am typing and I use the lowercase “i” a capital “I” automatically follows afterwards. It does not matter which letter I click, if I click the spacebar, or if I don’t click anything at all. It will automatically fill in a capital “I” that I have to go back and delete. Now this may not sound like much of an inconvenience until you realize how many words and coding commands contain the letter “I” in them. :sweat_smile:

I know for a fact this is an issue with the writers portal because I do not have this issue on any other platform and I also do not have this issue when I am typing in other areas on the Episode browser, such as the description of my story, etc. This only happens when I am typing in the writers portal. I have submitted a couple of tickets to episode and I am still having this problem. Has anyone else has this issue and been able to fix it? Or does anyone think possibly switching to FireFox would help? I am currently using Google Chrome and have been since the beginning but I didn’t start having this issue until episode released the update where they changed the animations drastically that they ended up changing back. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. :blush::heart::heart::heart:

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I hope they help you through your ticket. I can’t really suggest anything apart from researching your problem and seeing if there’s anything you can do on your end that might fix the problem.

Also, yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to try a different browser and see if that changes anything at all. Might also be worth it to see if it’s only affecting one story? I guess you could also try using a different computer as well and see if the problem is actually linked to your computer when accessing your portal or your portal account itself.

Good luck, I hope your issue gets resolved! :smiling_face:

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Thank you! Those are all amazing suggestions, will try them!:blush:

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I can also suggest clearing cache of the browser completely, cookies, etc; if that was issue when they updated the portal with, maybe there is a bug that stayed (if you’re still having issues ofc.)

No worries!